Things To Look Forward To In 2021

As the dreaded year of 2020 comes to an end, let us hope to manifest a 2021 that is better, happier, and more bearable. Here’s a list of things to look forward to in 2021.

  • Reopening of colleges

If only to wear your favorite sarees on farewell, take those last pictures in college, or meet new friends (freshers), or simply not get tricked by fake notices.

Disclaimer: Vaccine is a must for this.

  • Peace, Freedoms, almost a new India

As Naezy said: “Desh ka halat bohoti funny hain“.  Intolerance. Violence. Hatred (with special reference to Kangana Ranaut, Mr. Goswami, and farmer atrocities). Peace chahiye, so let us pray that 2021 comes with abundant olive branches and dove. 

  • Love. And only love.

Romance became a mockery in 2020. Look forward to meeting your online dates in person, holding hands together, hugging each other, and doing what you couldn’t. 

  • Rejuvenated Friendships

Everyone lost friends and other relations in 2020, (no) thanks to the distance this year created. Let us hope to revive those lost bonds in a fresh manner, go on pre-planned trips with your gang, eat momos at your favourite stalls, and do Dilli Darshan or whatever city you are in. 

  •  Health (physical and mental)

2020 was a low blow for mental health and it got deteriorated as much as it was discussed. Similarly, gyms got opened, but that freedom of jogging without masks anywhere and everywhere is still missing. Let us look forward to a healthy 2021 that covers up the pains 2020 gave.

  • Good Internships and Jobs?

Almost everyone suffered at the professional front. From students to adults, placements to internships- everyone and everything. Here’s to hoping that 2021 acts as a Trojan horse with hidden good “paid” internships and job offers.

And lastly, let us look forward to the normalcy that we all have imagined in our heads 2021 would bring in. Law of Attraction won’t disappoint.

Feature Image Credit: Aryaman Jain for DU Beat

Navneet Kaur