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Styling Tips and Tricks to Help You Wear Different Fits

We all have those days before going to a party when we almost feel like skipping it to avoid going through the stress of finding something that would make us feel comfortable. But first thing’s first – you do you! Read further some styling tips and tricks that can help you wear different fits effortlessly.

Well, even though you should already know this, in case you haven’t heard this today, you’re beautiful in your own way and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  

But let’s face it, we all go through nights when we feel very uncomfortable with the clothes we have as nothing seems right, making us feel very dejected and let down. We all have those days before going to a party when we almost feel like skipping it to avoid going through the stress of finding something that would make us feel comfortable. 

Having said that, here are some styling tips and tricks that can help you wear different fits effortlessly;

 1. Find the balance

Body shape is almost always based on your bone structure, NOT your weight. Use your outfit to balance your entire look and make it super simple yet chic. Never overdo it with colours as that would only lead to more bling and less style. If you feel like mixing up colours, try to layer them through jackets or cardigans to put the entire piece together. If you want to mix comfort with fashion, you could find that perfect balance with a pair of joggers and a crop top. Sneakers could be your go-to footwear for striking that balance. 

2. Draw the eyes where you want them to go!

Use lines and symmetry to focus the eye where you want it to go. They can help you in whichever way you prefer and emphasize the favourite parts of your body. These symmetries would align your outfit together and help you wear your favourite outfits with more ease and confidence. Symmetries visually make the outfit more put together in terms of fabric, alignment, colour scheme and layering. 

3. The Colour Game

One of the most essential styling tips is to wear whatever colour that makes you happy. Colors don’t matter unless you forget to put on your smile while wearing them. While picking separate items, go for monochromes or any universal colour scheme to go with it. But if you’re picky about colours and don’t like bright ones, always mismatch them with your outfits. Contrasts in colours and outfits is what can make or break the game. Pairing black or white with a bright colour could usually lock the deal and make the outfit more toned and balanced. Some people love wearing bright floral outfits, with single A-line tones and formulations which look gorgeous as the floral itself gets all the attraction, making the outfit shine.

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4. Experiment with different necklines

Using different necklines can elongate your upper body and give you that sheer confidence you need in an outfit. Try wearing a statement chain with a pendant to fill in the neckline, which also adds to a very classic look. V-necks, square necks and scoop necks, could help lift eyes to the elongated necklines, especially when you accentuate them with accessories. Other necklines like mock neck, round neck or polo neck, could help balance an outfit and give more room for comfort of every sort. Necklines change the entire style of the outfit as they make a very easy tool that people can resort to when they have nothing in mind, but still want to rock an outfit. 

5. Embrace those shoulders *wink*

The shoulders instantly add that ‘wow factor’ to any outfit. Off-shoulder or drop-shoulder tops add that perfect balance to an evenly monochrome look and make it super chic and elegant at the same time. Cold-shoulder tops could be your go-to for a perfect day or night out as it adds the subtle amount of skin as well as comfort. In winters, drop-shoulder sweater dresses with belts and thigh high boots could be the ideal date outfit you could rock! In summers, a perfectly fitted off-shoulder top with your favourite pair of jeans could be your go to dress up anthem!

6. Accessorise! 

Believe it or not, this step is the game changer. Accessories always make your outfit jump from a 6 to a solid 10! Various layered necklaces, rings, bracelets and bangles, watches, and earrings in forms of hoops or studs could add the extra zing to any of your outfit without overdoing it at all. Crossbody sling bags with metal chains is a must have for everyone out there wanting to balance their outfit and use the handiness of a bag to stuff things around. 

Shoes play a very important role for winning the final race! Everything from sneakers to heels can be paired with different outfits without making anything over-shine the other. Perfectly blended minimalistic makeup could also add that extra zing to your entire outfit, as the key thing to note is to be well put together, and most importantly be confident and happy in what you’re wearing. The more you invest emotionally in your outfits, the better you understand your style and the more happy you are with your overall production which might help people deal with their body image issues to certain extents.

Irrespective of all these styling tips, the most important of them all is about being genuinely happy and comfortable in what you’re wearing. That happiness in turn would make you feel very confident and right then and there, half the battle is won! So, go ahead ladies and my gentlemen, embrace your bodies and always remember the key motto of fashion- ‘You do You’.

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