St. Stephen’s Students Help Non-Teaching College Staff Amid Pandemic

A group of students from Delhi University’s St. Stephen’s College have taken an initiative to promote the masks made by the family members of the non-teaching staff, and to help mitigate the latter’s financial crisis. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in financial instability for a lot of households; the non-teaching staff at St. Stephen’s College in the University of Delhi has faced a similar situation. A group of students from the same college came forward to lend a helping hand. 

They’ve helped and supported us, and we felt if it was in our power to do anything for them, we should.

– Neha Jacob, a second year student of BSc (Hons) Mathematics, as reported by Hindustan Times. 

Explaining the start of the initiative, Jacob continues, “We were aware of the financial difficulties faced by the non-teaching staff on campus. The pandemic, and the lockdown that ensued, ate into their savings. Hence we spoke to the partners of our staff members, and floated the idea of raising funds for them by selling hand stitched masks made by them.”

Students of second and third years are primarily involved in this initiative. There are three women who are currently stitching up the masks, one delivery person ready to deliver across Delhi and orders can easily be placed online. 

Here is what Laxmi Devi, a family member of one of the non-teaching staff had to say-

Before my marriage, I used to teach people how to stitch clothes, so I did have some experience in stitching… Best is that the students are helping us in selling these masks online, and this in turn has helped us feed our two kids.

The students have, so far, also donated 166 masks to those in need. 

There are two aspects to this project. Firstly, the team sells masks on the basis of an order placed beforehand, and we are providing delivery in not only Delhi but across India now. Secondly, we are also engaging in pledge donations, wherein people can donate money for masks that are then distributed to members of the non-teaching staff and their families on campus, as well as others who need them. Each mask costs ?35 on order, and if the purchase is intended for donation, then we charge ?30 per mask.

– Shubham Belwal, a final year student of BSc (Hons) Mathematics, said to Hindustan Times.

Image Credit: Philadelphia Inquirer 

Sushrut Yadav