Over 2,000 Students With 90% or Above at SOL

Not just the top ranking colleges of the University of Delhi have attracted 90% and above students, but even the School of Open Learning has extended its arms to the higher strata with around 2393 students getting admitted. 

The School of Open Learning (SOL), University of Delhi has attracted a lot of students to take admission who have scored 90% and above in the Class XII exams, mainly in their commerce courses. This year it is not only the top colleges of the University who admitted students with 90% marks.

As per the official records, 2,393 students who obtained 90% and above have been admitted in SOL. Out of them, 680 selected for B.Com (H), followed by 621 students each seeking admission for BA Programme and BCom Programme. Additionally, 156 students enrolled for English (H) and over 315 for Political Science (H) courses, statistics given by TOI.

SOL has received more than 95,000 applications this year. A teacher at SOL stated that most of the students who had taken admission were students preparing for the chartered accountant exams or other competitive exams and SOL caters to their needs in every way possible.

Since teaching is in distance mode, it is a good option for them. SOL also follows the same curriculum and system as regular colleges, there are no drawbacks in taking the course.

– Anonymous, SOL Professor

Since 2019, SOL has opted for the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS), benefiting the students. The regular colleges at DU are following the same system from 2015. This suggests that SOL students now get an opportunity to migrate to regular colleges if they obtain more than 60% in the semester exams, which is a great opportunity for students who wish to transfer to more formal education. 

Most of the students enrolled in SOL include those who obtained between 60% and 90%. BA Programme is considered as one of the most popular choices, with 34,886 enrolled. A total of 13,159 students opted for the B.Com Programme, followed by Political Science at 9,056. English (H) received 3,164 students. 

BA Programme was also popular among the students who have scored less than 60%, with 54,629 students seeking admission to the course, while 19,463 students obtaining less than 60% opted for B.Com Programme.

SOL caters to a lot of students from the economically weaker sections. Most of them work to support themselves and their families. For them, it is a good choice to take the distance learning options of BA and BCom Programme to be able to manage both work and studies.

– A Professor at SOL

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Feature Image Credits: DUB Archives

Hridika Rao