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Now&Me Post-Event Article

In the last 20 days of 2020, Now&Me was thrilled to collaborate with DUBeat, to reach out to people and end the year on a beautiful note. Now&Me is a peer-to-peer community support network for people to feel better during tough and difficult times. Co-founded by Drishti Gupta and Bani Singh who in their final semester at Lady Shri Ram College, came up with the idea of starting Now&Me. It allows users to express whatever they’re feeling in a safe space, with the option of doing so anonymously, and interact with others who might have been through similar things as them. It also equips them with resources and tips to navigate and lead a better life. The goal is to foster an environment where the user can talk and feel heard. To let them know that they matter and an entire community spanning across the globe is rooting for them. This community comes totally free of cost ensuring that resources do not pave hindrance to the free flow of emotions. 

This collaboration was a 20 days challenge that enthralled the participants to not only form positive, life hugging habits but also gave them an opportunity to win exciting prizes. Psychology says a habit can be formed in 20 days, and so the aim by the end of these 20 days was to help the participants develop habits that promote mental well-being and emotional growth. In the duration of these 20 days, the participants received a challenge every day at 12 am, according to IST (UTC +5:30). The excitement of waking up to a task everyday was quite motivating for the participants. “It was encouraging to find myself committing to something this fun and helpful everyday” said a participant. 

These participants then received points for each task they completed and could further gain extra points for posting about their experience of doing that task on social media. The points allotted for completing the task and posting about it increased each week, ranging from 3 points in first week, 5 points in the second week, and 7 points in the third week. Additionally, the feature of Bonus tasks every now and then peaked the excitement of participants who kept up with the task updates regularly. For completing these Bonus tasks, participants were awarded 5 points. A participant could get an upper hand by giving the best replies to the many tasks and receiving 2 additional points for the same. This healthy competitiveness, and positive newness to every day helped the participants to enjoy every moment of the challenge. Each task closed on the alternate day, which means that the participant got 2 days to complete 1 task, further, each participant’s progress was recorded on the progress bar of the website. The challenge came to an end with a promise to give exciting gifts to our winners. These incentives made the participants try harder to give their best replies and the essence of effort and dedication came through in these moments. 

The sponsors, like ‘TAG Stationary’, ‘Theatric Platter’ and ‘Atmosphere Studio’ had some beautiful prizes for the winners like a Personalized gift box, festive Hot chocolate gift pack and an Atmosphere studio refreshers Gift box. The congratulating success of the challenge can be owed to the entire team of Now&Me. The Community manager, Riva Dhingra, tells us how the entire experience was so wholesome and the interactions so heartfelt that she enjoyed being part of every minute of the challenge. She says, “For me, seeing the participants get up every morning, and look forward to the task of the day, made it all worth it! When you work hard and someone reaches out to tell you that you made a difference, or to compliment your work, it is indeed the best feeling!”. 

The entire experience while being competitive was positively helpful to the participants to indulge in healthy mental well-being habits. Many participants expressed their joy, excitement and satisfaction by telling us about how intriguing it was to wake up to a new task every day,

and how the 20 days helped them introspect, grow and develop a thought process that is more positive, holistic and kind to oneself. “When this year was about to end in less than a month, and I was regretful of not having done anything good for myself, this 20 day challenge came in. And I’ll like to thank @rivadhingra and the whole team of @nowandme as this challenge helped me develop healthy habits that I’ll try to continue forever. This challenge came as a realisation that we can be happier when we put in our own efforts” said a Now&Me user who religiously took part in the challenge! Many others also expressed their gratitude to Riva and other team members like Avi and Nitesh, the technological heads behind the whole challenge, for making commendable efforts to get every participant enjoy the last 20 days of 2020. “It was one of the best ways to end the year,” said a participant. 

As a participant myself, I can not praise the project enough to help me find hope in the last few days of 2020, and make me look forward to growing emotionally in 2021! The Now&Me community and team feels elated to have been able to organize such a challenge and connect with the people so beautifully.


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