How 2021 New Year Resolutions Need to be Different?

After a year of uncertainty and loss, it is natural to be hesitant about making New Year’s resolutions for 2021, but satisfying and doable goals can provide a sense of purpose and improve our well-being. 

Well, 2020 has been one hell of a ride. It seemed that the months were sort of competing to be crowned as the ‘worst month of the year’. Nevertheless, we got through and each one of us deserves all the good in 2021. 

New Year is more than just a change in the calendar, as it brings with itself new hopes and aspirations. Consequently, the tradition of New Year Resolution(s) has been attached to it, and people have been observing it since childhood. It is highly debated if charting out resolutions work, or just add an extra burden of forceful self-improvement.

Statistics show that 80% of the resolutions fail by the second week of February and only 8% of the people carry on with their resolutions throughout the year. But, it cannot be denied that the new year does provide the much-needed push to make some positive changes in life, however, little or big it is. Research shows that people are more likely to pursue their goals during times that feel like new beginnings in their lives.  

The pandemic has affected the way we think and plan, even at times we don’t notice. This factor makes it more difficult to make plans, especially when there’s uncertainty over what tomorrow may bring. But to maintain a resilient mindset, it is essential to think ahead and find ways to find hope and happiness in life. After a year of being let down consistently and not being able to do things we wanted to, we must learn to find efficiency and feel good about ourselves. 

Likely, you have already decided upon your resolutions for the year. Even if you are the sort of individual who is put off by New Year’s resolutions, experts say that writing out one or two clear, small and achievable goals in 2021 or any year will help create confidence and a sense of pride, thus enhancing your well-being. But, if we’re going to bother making resolutions, we must also ensure that they should help us out and not stress us further, here’s how to set New Year’s resolutions without getting overwhelmed by pressure.

Set Attainable Goals

Focus on goals that are attainable and measurable. Select a small target that you are confident of accomplishing. This way your brain gets a winning ambition and releases positive neurochemicals. The mental health website Very Well Mind suggests setting “smart” goals. The acronym “smart” stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and time bound. 

Ponder Over your Motivations

Just because everyone sets resolutions on the first of January does not mean that you have to as well. Not only remember the improvements you would like to make when making New Year’s resolutions, but also why you want to make them. For example, if you know you’d like to read more, is it because your friend has also decided so, or is it because a motivational speaker has advised? Both of these form a part of are external motivating factors, which are less likely to help you reach your goal. However, if reading more books adds to your peace and pleasure then it would be much easier for us to reach your set target as in this case the agent of motivation would be internal.

Make a Plan and Pen it Down

If the steps towards your goals are thorough, you will be more likely to follow through with your target. When we are planning out something, we also tend to envision the obstacles that may come up with their respective solutions. Choose and focus on those things that you feel are necessary, and pen it all down.

Take It Easy

Twenty-twenty was marked by a raging pandemic, political uproar, and economic collapse. We must take care not to subject ourselves to undue pressure of performing and being efficient, particularly when the circumstances around us offer so little respite. It is vital that you cut yourself some slack and understand that setbacks are bound to happen. Encourage yourself with gentle reminders and celebrate small achievements with great zeal.

We cannot deny that some of the changes the world has experienced lately may somewhat remain in place for a while, but let’s look at this in the best way possible. Many of us during the pandemic, have indulged in discovering ourselves. However, if you are someone who hasn’t found their awakening yet, do not fret as positive changes can happen any day. We must accept the circumstances under which we find ourselves and be encouraged to make substantial changes in our lives. appreciate, practising forgiveness and have self-compassion 

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Ipshika Ghosh