Different Shades of Even Semester for Three College Years

The even semester has a celebration of its own – elation of firsts for some and pangs of cessation for others. 

Winding up the odd semester, fuelled by the New Year resolutions made, we robustly step into the even semester, promising ourselves that this semester is going to be different. Even though the winds of Delhi become cold, the even semester has a distinct fervor and jubilation to itself. However, this feeling is unique to each student and depends on varied factors. Here’s decoding of a few of the common experiences.

For the first years, the even semester means the first of a major bonus of being a college student – attending college fests. With college unions creating a hullabaloo over sponsorship, teams, fest dates, booking fest venues and, rumours about which celebrity is coming, gossiped around until the official announcement; it is typical for freshers to be excited and to plan to experience everything that the different fests have to offer. 

Fests are all the more exciting for the society peeps, travelling from one campus to another, in order to showcase their creativity and love for their art. With the coming of the even semester, freshers, especially outstation students get a hang of ‘Dilli’ and become a little more comfortable with its quirks while admiring its heartwarming treasures.

“The first semester was a hell of a ride for me, so many new things outpoured with the beginning of college life. But, the second semester was a bit easy as I learnt how to balance things.”

A Second year student from Dyal Singh College

The second years realize from their past experiences that fests are cool but one must not have ridiculous expectations from them or college life, in general. Juggling their SECs and GEs, the semester swiftly flies through, with some hiccups, of course. Thereafter, dawns the realization that half of college life is over and the checklist for college life experiences, inspired by Bollywood is revisited, and desires to fulfill them is renewed. 

Even semester holds special importance for the third year students as it marks the end and beginning of a lot of things. Apart from the anxieties of placements, entrance exams, internships, and a good CGPA, the blues of college life coming to an end, also strike. The even semester calls for relishing and revisiting everything that has made one’s college life. The worry “Ab aage kya?” (What next) is often overpowering. 

The desire to make the most out of everything – doing justice to your professors and society, taking a trip with friends, and savouring all that your college campus offers, from chirpy canteens to quiet nooks; gives an unexplainable hope and positivity. 

“Odd semester is all about juggling with new responsibilities, assignments and lectures, while even semester,  though largely the same, gives a sense of accomplishment since it ‘completes the year’. Specifically for me, this 6th semester means the end of college life; last chance to crib over the assignments, to enjoy the fests, and make loads of memories.”

Shriya Tripathi, a third year student from Miranda House 
Credits – Anoushka Sharma for DU Beat

The pandemic has certainly robbed us of adventures. But all we can do right now is to be there for each other and strengthen our bonds by pulling each other up when darkness overshadows.

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Ipshika Ghosh