Eight DU College Principals Write to NGT Against the Construction of High-rise

On Saturday, Principals of eight Delhi University colleges, citing the concerns of pollution, depletion of groundwater, the area being a seismic zone and safety of students wrote to the NGT (National Green Tribunal) against the construction of a high-rise building near Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station 

The letter was signed by the Principals of Kirori Mal College, St. Stephen’s College, Hindu, Shri Ram College of Commerce, Hansraj, GTB Khalsa and Daulat Ram College. As a collective plea, the letter stated, “We would like to appeal to the tribunal to protect the sanctity of the ridge and the campus from being encroached upon and concretised in the name of providing house to the public”.

The 39-storey housing project was given the nod for construction in the December of 2020.

The Principals further addressed the issue raising concerns that the construction will lead to an increase in vehicular pollution, which the campus was already prey to because of the existing traffic on the Ring Road, Patel Marg and Chatra Marg. The other concern included affecting the ecological balance of Kamla Nehru Ridge. Moreover, there were also fears about depleting levels of groundwater as the area already faces issues of water shortage. Clearly, the construction of the high-rise lead to issues that were manifold.

The proposed residential complex will have the capacity to accommodate at least 5,000 people. In addition to this, there would be service staff. This will contribute significantly to noise pollution.

– the letter said.

The letter further mentioned that the high-rise building would overlook at least six colleges and hostels for women, which could possibly affect the safety of students.

Earlier, students had also protested against the construction of the high-rise building near the Vishwavidyalaya metro station, which is central to North campus.

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