DU To Reopen for Final Year Students for Practical Work

DU decided to reopen colleges for final year students for practicals and lab work. The implications of this will be widespread but are still unknown.

Most Universities across India had shifted to the online mode for the last semester. Many like DU continued their next semester online as well. But now the University of Delhi is said to reopen for offline classes for final year students, who have to do practicals and lab work, in February. However, the University shall continue theory classes in the online mode.

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Many students across the University, especially students with Science subjects, had been facing problems as they were unable to complete their practicals and access lab facilities due to the lockdown. In light of this, DUSU on 2nd January, 2021, had issued a memorandum to the DSW office demanding the reopening of laboratories and campus in a phased manner, amongst other demands.

DSW office organized the meetings with the college principals on Tuesday and with the heads of the departments on Wednesday regarding the graded entry of final year students to their respective colleges and departments. DU will slowly and carefully start allowing only final year students to return to their respective colleges and departments for lab work and practical classes in small groups. Their theory classes shall remain in the online mode. However, students’ return to the campus will be absolutely voluntary.

– Rajeev Gupta, DU Dean of Students (DSW) 

When asked about the reopening of university for other years, Gupta added, “Students in other years can still have time to catch up and practical components can be adjusted later if need be. For final year students, this is the last chance.”

Reopening of the University in a phased manner would require utmost precautions and safety measures to be taken by the colleges. With a new strain of the virus right around the corner, this process may be tricky, yet a necessary step.

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Saanjh Shekhar


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