DU Launches Vidya Vistar Scheme for Academic Collaboration

On Tuesday, Delhi University (DU) announced its latest venture- the Vidya Vistar Scheme to facilitate academic cooperation with colleges and universities from remote parts of the country.

On Tuesday, January 19, 2021, the acting Vice-Chancellor, P C Joshi, while releasing the six-month report card of DU, unveiled the university’s latest venture – the ‘Vidya Vistar Scheme’, abbreviated as the V2 Scheme. Reportedly, this scheme aims to increase the academic collaboration and cooperation of DU with other colleges and universities.

The aim of Vidya Vistar Scheme is to maximise contribution of higher educational institutions to nation building through optimum utilisation of existing resources and potentials

said officiating Vice-Chancellor P C Joshi, as reported by The Indian Express.

Speaking about it, the VC said “Through this scheme, the University of Delhi (DU) proposes to throw open its faculties, library and other academic facilities available in its Departments and Colleges to partner institutions for academic cooperation and collaboration.

However, as of now, only online resources are on the table, and in the words of the acting Vice-Chancellor, “in the coming time, we will see if we can invite researchers here and share our laboratories and other facilities with them.” He added that the scheme has already been launched, and letters for collaboration under the scheme have already been sent. He also conveyed that the scheme was completely voluntary, and the departments and colleges of DU are yet to notify if they are participating in the scheme or not. 

After the suspension of Professor Yogesh Tyagi by the President as the VC, P.C. Joshi has taken over as the officiating Vice-Chancellor. In the press conference, he spoke about his idea of “one DU”, expressing the administration’s eagerness for academic collaborations between various departments and colleges, along with interdisciplinarity.

Other than the Vidya Vistar Scheme, Mr. Joshi also shared plans for the future of DU. The University will be concentrating more on research. He admitted that research work at the university had suffered over the past few years.

“We will not look back at it as a ‘black period’ but will look at it positively. The university is still very high on the H-index that shows quality research is being done.”

said officiating Vice-Chancellor P C Joshi, as reported by The Hindu

The University will aim to come in 400-500 rank in QS ranking (named ‘Mission 500’) and will try to collect Rs 300 crore in the corpus fund of DU (named ‘Mission 300’). The varsity plans to celebrate its heritage and the reputable hallmark that it has established over the last century.

He said that apart from releasing books on the history of the university, the university will make attempts to reach out to its notable alumni that includes Prime Minister Narendra Modi to build a university corpus of ?300 crore.

He also made an announcement regarding DU holding its convocation on February 27. He further told about the university being in the progression of developing a standard operating procedure for a systematic phased reopening by February 1st, for conducting physical classes, specifically for the students needing an access to labs and other resources. Further, a committee will be set up for its centenary celebrations, slated for 2022.    

I am keen that we keep continuously keep improving our rank. We have a strong research base… In the last 4.5 years, things had stopped but it was my attempt to expedite those processes. It was my attempt that people don’t see the last five years as Black years.

Official Vice-Chancellor, P.C. Joshi, at press conference on Tuesday.

He further stated that over the past six months, many decisions and pronouncements have been taken – filling of statutory positions and pending works had been carried out – promotion of teaching and non-teaching staff, as well as recruitment that has brought the university on track.

He added that the university was ready with its plans to implement the National Education Policy 2020, and a 42 member committee was taking the opinion of various stakeholders regarding the respective decision

P.C. Joshi will be in the running for the position of Vice-Chancellor after the end of V-C Yogesh Tyagi’s tenure in March.

Feature Image Credits: Hindustan Times

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