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Digitalizing Spoken Words-The Art of Podcasting

After a little more than 10 months of the pandemic phase, podcasts have become a mainstream go-to entertainment for millions across the globe. The newly popularized art now has more than 1.5 million shows with creators from various backgrounds. 

Simplifying reach and access for creators and consumers, podcasts have been on the entertainment platform offering knowledge, peace, and happiness for millions from different parts of the world. Propagating different ideologies, preaching peace and happiness, and at times helping us press pause to the noises around with poetry and prose, podcasts contain an unparalleled range and diversity. 

Not only celebrities or famous personalities but also commoners with ideas and stories to share have been empowered by the way this common platform works. It eliminates any sort of discrimination against talent, as a huge fan following is not demanded of the creators for them to be heard. 

Belonging to an easily accessible source, podcasts have always been a support system and more of a companion to anyone who enjoys listening to them. An occasional podcast listener Prabhanu Kumar Das suggests that he could listen to them even while cooking, cleaning, or performing any other chores and it can easily dissolve into his mind and be the ultimate solution to cut off distractions and disturbances. It self-evidently corroborates that anyone can be heard by anyone without having to meet in person. It is a radio that travels along except this one present’s content we choose to hear. 

Besides being the companion of a soul, it also widens our brain and knowledge base. Diversified fictional and non-fictional content helps us develop new interests along with subjects we never would have read or heard about otherwise. Priyanshi Banerjee speaks passionately about being a consistent listener to podcasts and says that she discovered her love for the stories of Manto through ‘Manto ki Khaaniyan’. She added that podcasts helped her rediscover her love for fiction and reading which got lost somewhere along the clutters of the semester.

It helped me take a break from reading which turned out to be monotonous along the clutters of the semester. I could now easily and randomly choose a content that I wished to hear about and I would already get a considerable amount of knowledge, thus making it more of a hobby and less of a commitment with deadlines

Priyanshi Banerjee

Podcasts have not only been a year of more consumers but also of more content creators from different languages. It became a newly discovered habit of South Indians who were not majorly attracted to the idea of podcasts. Megha. V. J, a Malayali content creator, and podcaster share her experience of being new to this platform. She says that getting into the hearts of the Malayali audience took a great deal of effort.

This was because, while promoting her podcast titled ‘Lifeline by Megha V. J’, people would ask her what a podcast was. Although deeply saddened by this fact, she restored hope as she renewed her thoughts with the notion that the Malayali Podcasters Association could change this once and forever by bringing relatable content to listeners all along with the state. 

Being at your home for quite a while without anything major to have a conversation about, gave me a chance to start a podcast- a podcast on something as complex as philosophy, simplified. During the pandemic, podcasts have acted as a binding force for us, not only motivating and inspiring us but also giving us a reason to have light yet deep conversations, thereby improving the quality of our quarantine life.

Adhishri Aruman

The ‘Debunked with Adhishri’ podcaster added that she really enjoys being a podcaster as she can open up and let people know her thoughts flawlessly. 


Podcasts will surely be the new, much-needed addition and change to the entertainment industry. Although podcasts have been on the market for several years, the pandemic boost was immensely rewarding for everyone. The best fact about a podcast is that it does not settle for merely being a one-time entertainer, but it is a wholesome brand of entertainment that can help relax while gaining all the knowledge they need. 

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