Auburn Umbrella: Understanding Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is attainable and must be achieved by everyone, you and every fashion enthusiast. It comes with a concept that is really sophisticated, yet simple for everyone to pursue in elegance.

What is Sustainable Fashion?

It is a responsibility of the public and private sector that is to be undertaken to foster sustainable change in fashion products and the entire fashion industry. Focusing on ecological integrity and social justice, sustainable fashion is a motto to be upheld to promote and support every aspect of life on Earth. Also termed as Eco Fashion, this is indeed an aesthetic art that is a wonder with the power to save the planet and the life dependent on it. 

How can you and I be Sustainably Fashionable?

The struggle for being sustainable is harder than we imagine. However, if we are steadfastly protecting our interests, it is easily do-able.  

  • You may start by tracking your expense and the number of clothes you buy. Keep the budget low so that the shopper in you will finally stop and be awaken to the harms of over-shopping. 
  • While you choose your attire, as yourself, if you will wear this over 30 times. This is a very famous campaign initiated by Livia Firth, the founder of Eco-Age. If your answer to this is no, tell yourself the decision has been made!
  • Understand the facts and figures behind every clothing or fashion product that you use. Keep yourself informed about how it is made and what resources are being exploited. In due course, look out for brands that can make and sell sustainable clothing and can brighten up your wardrobe. 
  • Accept give and take policy! This is the basic idea behind the concept of thrift stores. Give out your used clothes and rent out or buy clothes from similar collectives. It will not only diversify your style but also ensure that you do not have to spend a lot on a one-time-dress that you would have bought otherwise. 
  • Ensure that you have an all-weather wardrobe. Do not make repetitive purchases throughout every year for separate seasonal clothes. Get a collection of clothes for each part of the year and make sure that you reuse the same; especially winter jackets and beach clothes. 
  • Follow the usage instruction and wash clothes as advised so that they last longer. Avoid rough usage to keep them intact for a longer duration. Also refer
  • An unavoidable part of reusing is repairing. Learn how to repair and reform your dress so that even when damaged, you can make them new using bits and pieces from other pieces of your wardrobe. 
  • Opt for durability or longevity while you purchase. Do not back out from investing in expensive clothes if they can be worn on multiple occasions and for a long time that is, prefer quality over quantity and expenses. 

In the recent past, we have seen a surge in online thrift stores that operates on all social media platforms. Similarly many fashion vloggers like Komal Pandey and seemingly expensive brands have been promoting the idea of sustainable fashion. Promoting fashion in this trend is indeed the need of the hour as increasingly we focus on sustainable development goals. Adopting and adapting must be our motto as we try to imbibe this concept and ensure a fair deal of being fashionably woke from our end. Remember, sustainable fashion is a perspective. It is a very subjective concept with variations for each of us. Go for it at your own pace and your own style!

Feature Image Credits: UBC sustainability

Vaishnavi Varier