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Amidst Trifles and Difficulties: SC Comes to the Aid of DU Law Student

The Supreme Court finally provides justice to a law student to finish her degree after two years of struggle.

On Friday, 22nd January 2021, Delhi University law student Ankita Meena finally completed her law studies after having an arduous sail for the past two years to the courts. 

Law student Ankita Meena had to go through several atrocities in the past two years; despite which she emerged as a victorious figure of a movie by overcoming all the obstacles in her path, to finish her law studies at Delhi University.

She was restricted from giving her exams in the second year since she had failed to attend classes due to her pregnancy that had reached the advanced stage. The above concern was coupled up with another set of complications which comprised her results from fourth, fifth and sixth semester being withheld. However, the fighter in Ankita did not step down and finally, justice reached out to her on Friday. Delhi University has been asked by the Supreme Court to declare her fifth-semester results; thus, laying out the path of careers for her to start off.

“The IA (Intervention Application) and the SLP (Special Leave Petition) are disposed of, directing the university to declare the fifth-semester supplementary examination results of the petitioner and issue the provisional degree along with necessary certificates, provided she has passed the examinations, subject to the petitioner clearing the other formalities,” as stated by the bench headed by Chief Justice S.A. Bobde and consisted of Justices A.S. Bopanna and V. Ramasubramaniam.

In August 2016 Meena had taken up the three year LLB course, at Law Center II, Faculty of Law, Delhi University and was already about five months married by that point of time. The first three semesters went on smoothly without any difficulties on her academic path. However, during the fourth semester, she lagged behind the required attendance arena due to two reasons; first, she became the mother of a baby in February 2018 and secondly, classes were disrupted due to the strikes of the teacher’s association in the following month.

While in her second year in May 2018, the Supreme Court didn’t allow her to write her examinations since due to her pregnancy, she had missed a considerate amount of classes. The court found it “very uncomfortable” referring to passing order at 1 PM  in regards to Ankita’s plea to sit in the exam which was scheduled an hour later.

The Supreme Court gave her permission in October 2018 for attending classes but with the restriction of the accomplishment of the needed formalities at her own risk. 

The university was asked by the court in February 2019 to allow her to attend her sixth-semester classes, as per its October 2018 order. Acting as a succeeding event, the Supreme Court again notified the University, on July 5, 2019, to allow her to appear in the fifth-semester supplementary exam which was scheduled the upcoming day. An order to declare her fourth, fifth and sixth-semester results was raised by the apex court in regards to which Ankita appeared for the above exams.

Ankita had received the results of the fourth and fifth semester examinations, but couldn’t lay her hands on the results of the sixth-semester supplementary examination. It was deciphered that Ankita had done justice to the course through its completion and except the sixth-semester supplementary examination, the rest results were declared. 

The top court has ordered the university to declare the pending result and stated: “This order is passed under the peculiar facts and circumstances of the case.”

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Himasweeta Sarma