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4-Year Undergraduate Programme Could Return to DU in the Upcoming 2021-22 Session

A recent committee was set up to implement the National Education Policy at the University of Delhi is ‘eagerly discussing’ the reintroduction of FYUP from Academic Year 2021-22.

After trying and testing the 4-year programme and seven years after it was junked, the Four-Year Under Graduate Programme (FYUP) is likely to be reintroduced at Delhi University from the 2021-22 academic session.

DU changed its game and implemented the FYUP in 2013 when Professor Dinesh Singh was the Vice-Chancellor, but the programme was junked a year later by the Smriti Irani-led Ministry of Human Resource Development (now Ministry of Education), as it failed to fill the purpose of undergraduate requirements of students in India.

The programme is most likely to return as a part of the new National Education Policy (NEP). A committee formed under the chairmanship of Professor Suneja to carry out the implementation of the NEP 2020 in DU is discussing reintroducing the FYUP, which would change a lot of things in the administration system.

According to the NEP, once FYUP is implemented, students will have multiple exit options and will be given a qualification according to the number of years they spend at the University — a one year certificate, a two-year diploma, a three-year degree, or a four-year undergraduate degree if they complete the course. Leads in the University also said that if the four-year programme kicks in, there will no longer be ‘honours’ courses in science, commerce and the humanities.

“The NEP implementation committee is actively discussing starting FYUP in the university from the coming session. If that happens, the nomenclature of the degree will not be honours anymore. It will just be called a degree and students will have the option to exit in three years. If they complete four years they will get a four-year degree,” said Seema Das, a member of DU’s Academic Council, who is also a member of the NEP committee, to The Print.

The Academic Council looks after all academic and administrative matters and gives suggestions to the university administration.

Vikas Gupta, the University’s Registrar said,

“We are waiting for the recommendations of the NEP implementation committee, which shall be placed before the Academic Council and the Executive Council. We would like to start the implementation of the recommendations of the NEP alongside other universities,”.

When Asked about the three-year honours programmes currently offered by DU, Gupta said:

“The three-year honours courses are already in place. Once we are able to decide the framework of the four-year programme, only then a holistic decision would be taken about the nomenclature and structure of the courses. With the implementation of NEP recommendations, the number of courses would increase, which will further increase the number of teachers required.”

This sounds like a win-win situation for the University, but a chaotic hustle for the students taking admission in the forthcoming session.

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