To Freshers, With Affection

Dear freshers, here’s a note from our Web Editor, putting down a few things to bear in mind as you navigate through, what are going to be, three remarkable years of your life.

Dear Freshers, you’ve probably received advice at the onset of your college years from every possible source, ranging from your parents, to one of the many ‘DU Pages’ on social media. And most of it is probably true – attendance matters (to some extent), balance between societies and academics, and try to find your ‘calling’ in these three years. But, University of Delhi, and the ever-flowing fabric of its diversity and dynamism, is much more than that.

This year, DU offered more than 75,000 seats to undergraduate students across colleges and courses, with cut-offs for admissions to coveted courses sky-rocketing as high as 100 percent. The question, which often rises in every freshers’ mind is: What makes DU so elusive? Undoubtedly, the University is a breeding ground for personal growth – it offers immense perspective and a conducive environment to whatever you are looking for – academically, intellectually, and individually. Though, there’s a more important factor, that makes the University what it is – its central location in the heart of the capital city – quite an underplayed aspect really. This is what makes it the hub of social and political activities; of learning and growing; and of observing and absorbing. The interactions you have with those who differ from you, will make you realise that you are a part of a much richer, historically vibrant, and diverse culture. It doesn’t matter what part of the country you come from; here, you are a part of something bigger.

Everyday you are going to interact with someone whose outlook towards life, or its philosophies, or something to stand by, will be polarly different to yours. And everyday, you will find yourself learning and unlearning; becoming more empathetic, more ready to come to terms with headwinds, and more eager to enrich yourself. You will begin to understand better, the vivid fabric of dynamism and diversity, and even begin to question, introspect, and engage. In all of these processes, you need to remember to be aware. Read more, interact with those you think you can learn from, and do not be afraid to try new things – nothing is more important than that. You may fear judgement, or failure, but from what I hear, regrets are worse.

Even as this entire experience shifts online, it is in your hands to make the best of it. I understand the amount of pressure that first times carry, and even when they’re online, the only way to make the most of them is to be yourself.. To be fretting over grades and deadlines is not a privilege available to many given the exclusionary nature of online education in our country and its educational institutions. So, if you are getting a chance to step into higher education with ease of access, make sure you help those who may need it and be kind to your teachers and peers.

I’ve saved the best piece of advice for the end — invest in yourself, be conscious of the choices you make, and stand by them. Best of luck, Batch of 2023!

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Bhavya Pandey

[email protected]