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Sex Toys: Amma’s Guide On Safe Use

While self pleasure has certainly been made easy for females by sex toys, taking care of their usage is quintessential. Find ahead some useful tips to do so! 

Dear Idlis and Macchis

Amma is back with one more exciting yet equally important topic that can help you enjoy sex and self pleasure nicely. Remember those new pink, red and black coloured pocket vibrators you idlis purchased a few months back ? Stimulating your soft little clitoris sure is enjoyable. Especially when you put on your electric toys at full energy mode! But have you, little macchis, ever thought that if not properly used or taken care of, this solo pleasure thing (well, not necessarily solo as you idlis can ask your partner to use your toy to give orgasms) can be a nightmare? 

Sex toys are usually made of delicate materials and come in various price ranges considering how much you Macchis prefer diversity! But if not bought, used or cleaned properly, your toys won’t take a minute to cause trouble for you.

Well, don’t worry as your Amma is here to guide you.

  1. Buy Good Sex Toys From Known Brands
    As your Amma said before, there are some dildos and vibrators that are available at mere Rs 300 online on certain shady websites. It’s not to say that buying cheap toys is wrong. But ideally, the proper making of a sex toy involves materials like silicone which makes its minimum price almost Rs 1000. Thus, my innocent macchis don’t buy from such dark sites. Always choose the best, or at least credible, toys from certified brands. 
  1. Check the Material While Buying
    Some sex toys are made with chemicals that are often not safe for your body. These chemicals are harmful as they can cause itching, rashes, and tissue damage. Phthalates is the most commonly used chemical in sex toys. Phthalates are usually found in the rubber of cheap sex toys. Scientifically, exposure to phthalates has been linked to obesity, type 2 diabetes, asthma, neurodevelopmental issues, etc. So naturally, try to avoid such toys. Preferably use toys which contain silicone or glass as they are safer.
  1. Clean Them Regularly After Use
    Sex toys made up of materials Jelly rubber and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are porous, meaning that bacteria can get inside the toy and make it almost impossible to clean. Ideally, one should always buy toys made up of non-porous materials like silicone. This makes the task of cleaning much easier. Clean your non porous toys by using a mild antibacterial soap and water. After that dry them in air rather than cleaning with a cloth. Also my dear Idlis, for electrical toys don’t put them in water. You will waste that precious money you spent on them. Just wipe them with a mild wet cloth away from the wire (in case it’s wireless, that’s best).
  1. Wanna Share with a Fellow Idli or Dosa? Take care!
    While your Amma doesn’t suggest at all that you cute idlis share your toys with your partners, I can understand the kinks of your generation. You are way forward than Amma in making some delicious dosas and sizzling sambhar. Well, fret not! If in case you are asking your partner to give you some nice orgasms, just make sure you clean the toys properly before and after usage. Especially after usage, either use a special toy cleaner liquid or boil the toy in water depending on its material. Look up on the toy manual as to what way can you clean it specifically. However, never use water for vibrators.
  1. Take Care While Switching
    Now imagine a situation my macchis and idlis wherein you are constantly switching between anal, oral or penetrative sex with your partner. Or in simple terms, you are trying different ways while using the same sex toy in all positions and methods. That’s a serious problem now! Never use a sex toy for an entirely different form of sex without cleaning it. This way you are avoiding the spread of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD).

So here we are at the end of our today’s “Amma Sex Education class”, my lovely idlis and macchis! Sex toys are the most beautiful innovations of technology, having made the boring lives of us females filled with spices and condiments. But to make your sex-toy lives more enjoyable and safe, do follow the above advices. See you next time!

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