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Sex Amma: Sex Addiction and Warning Signs

While sex is a spicy sambar to be shared with love and passion, Amma believes that sex addiction can cause you trouble. Sex is addictive like a tasty ghee roast, so here is Amma’s note on how to not be addicted to sex and still enjoy it pleasurably. 

Dear Idlis

Learning and understanding sex is very important before you start the chutney making process. Therefore, Amma is here to tell you that pleasure and passion is extremely important for the best experience. However, one must learn to get these emotions to you like a tasty mix of chutney and sambar, where you can control the urge from within. Sexual tension, when off the hook can cause huge disasters like an awful sambar with too much spice for too few tastes. Yes my Idlis, sexual addiction is a condition that most of us ignore and fail to understand. Don’t worry, Amma can enlighten you. 

Sex addiction is an obsessive disorder that will make one addicted to performing the chutney making process just like other injurious addictions like drugs and alcohols. The idlis facing this condition would force their dosas to indulge in sexual activities like a habit. Such acts can not only lead to failure in love and relationships but can also damage metal and physical health of both idlis and dosas. 

Sex addiction can be perceived in many ways and levels. Some idlis might find it on a very low level and thus can include acts of consistent masturbation, porn viewership and so on, while some other dosas may point out that they have the urge to have an intercourse more than twice or thrice a day. Such dosas might even cheat on their beloved idlis to satisfy their urge by having multiple partners at the same time. 

My dear idlis will now be confused since Amma mentioned porn viewership and masturbation as signs of sex addiction. Amma’s point is that, if my idlis are altering their daily routine or postponing must-do activities for performing sex, masturbation or watching porn, then you and your dosas are in trouble. Some idlis even complain of not being able to control their emotions towards the chutney making process despite having had bad experiences regarding the same. Idlis in such cases are found in a position where they can’t help themselves or control their behaviour. Read on peacefully my idlis, Amma has more to say. 

How can my idlis detect sexual addiction? Symptoms of being a sex addict includes chronic obsession over sex, lying to cover susceptive behaviour not only to dosas but also to yourselves, inability to control the urge, causing trouble to oneself and others like engaging in forceful sex or r*pe, and some other small noticeable behavioural changes. While some idlis project this change very evidently, some others will hide it pretty well from their dosas. 

This condition is a disorder, my idlis and dosas, which can be treated and cured. The key aspect to this is self identification and acceptance of this fact and seeking help from a professional. Medication, behavioural therapy and so on have proved to be the best way to bring down the unwanted spice in the chutney. 

My dear idlis, you must learn that sex can be a spicy sambar and a sour rasam at the same time and you must concentrate on keeping the choices in the middle. Amma advises all idlis to communicate to your dosas always and engage in your personalised recipe for chutney making process. Try to explore and figure the additional spices to your chutney for the best taste ever. Read more, understand the varieties of chutneys and make use of it carefully so that you do not end up being addicted to it. Remember, my dear, communication is the key to a happy and pleasurable experience. Amma hopes that idlis and dosas will be happy and understanding to take things at their own pace. Do not hesitate to seek Amma’s or sexologists’ help in case of trouble. 

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