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Sex Amma: Are You Sexting Safely This Lockdown?

Dear Amma, I haven’t met my girlfriend since the lockdown started and I’m beginning to feel very sexually frustrated. I want to try sexting, but I am too scared. Please tell me what I should do!

My dearest Dosa,

It is natural to crave intimacy with your Masala, especially if you have not met each other for a long time. Sexting, just like sex, if done safely, can be a delicious experience. Amma has 5 tips for you to make spicy sambhar, safely.

  1. Make sure that you and your masala are fully comfortable and 100 percent consenting. Asking your little masalas, uttapams, and idlis for consent on cyberspaces is just as important!
  2. Do not include your face, or any distinguishable feature such as birthmarks, tattoos, piercings, and décor. This way, nobody will be able to tell you from the other little dosas and uttappams– your identity can remain protected.
  3. Use secure apps such as Dust, Confide, Signal, and Wickr to send images of raw dosa batter, instead of WhatsApp, SMS, and Facebook Messenger.
    They protect your privacy by ensuring end-to-end encryption, screenshot blocking, and self-destructing messages!
  4. Saving images and screenshots, especially without the consent of your Masala, is a big no-no. It is a huge breach of trust, and Amma cannot stand sour idlis and dosas.
  5. Snoopy hackers are everywhere, so do not store any images of yourself or your partner on your digital devices- and if you do, make sure they are in a password-protected, encrypted digital locker.

However, if you do not feel comfortable or still feel anxious about it, do not fret my little dosa, there are plenty of other ways to satisfy your craving for hot Sambhar. Phone sex and mutual masturbation are safe options to keep things spicy! Always remember- communication, consent, and comfort are the most important ingredients while making any form of kozhambu. Until next time, happy sexting!


Sex Amma


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