Bazinga: DU to Reopen Colleges for Next Semester

The University of Delhi decides to reopen colleges for next semester starting from 1st January. Although an official notification and circular is yet to be released, the word has spread that the wait is finally over for the DU-ites. 

A month after the press release and issue of guidelines by the University Grants Commiission (UGC) regarding colleges to reopen, the University of Delhi decides to open colleges in the New Year with new hopes.

Making masks and handy sanitizers essential, the varsity will very soon issue a notice regarding the same. The students are expected to adhere and go through a set of procedures before finally attending colleges post a long break of 10 months. Anticipated and excited for getting back to their college, students eagerly await the formal declaration and press release from the University.

The online classes and associated tension now comes to a stop as the varsity makes this very serious decision. Since the safety and health of students must be ensured, it is said that DU will require every student a formal letter along with the COVID-19 test result. Those students who are negative and have received an official letter from a doctor will be allowed to come to college. A temperature checking system with the free distribution of gloves will be initiated by colleges for the same.

There have been no special updates regarding the conduction of classes for freshers’ since it will be a crisis for them to shift their pattern of learning mid-semester. It has been noted that the students who test positive for the virus will be in the quarantine center until tested negative and they will have the discretion to attend classes online.

It has also been said that the outstation students will be given two weeks to settle and complete all procedures and to adjust to the sudden lifestyle change before they are ready to attend classes. Hence the next semester is expected to begin officially from mid-January while the students are expected to submit undertaking and necessary letters before classes begin. 

Although the thought of coming into contact with so many people from across the country and breaking my social anxiety is scary, it is really what I have been waiting for subconsciously throughout these months. I’m so excited that colleges are actually going to reopen!

– a student from Gargi College

While we get excited and make plans and imagine meet-ups while we await the guidelines and further instructions, it is imperative to remind ourselves that health must be of prior concern. Therefore, we should remind ourselves to decide that we avoid any unnecessary gatherings, and reunions, and maintain social distancing until we are free from the hold of the virus.

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