VC’s Suspension: DU To Appoint A Visitorial Representative

The Union Ministry of Education has cited Section 7 of  DU Act (1992) asking the University to appoint a visitorial representative answerable to President Ram Nath Kovind during the future enquiry into VC’s suspension.

On 29th October, 2020 the Vice Chancellor of the University of Delhi, Mr. Yogesh Kymar Tyagi, was dismissed from his position by President Ram Nath Kovind on grounds of alleged misgovernance, inefficiency, laxity, and negligence of duties attached to the office (read also: Delhi University Vice Chancellor Yogesh Tyagi Suspended by President Over alleged “Misconduct”). Following the VC’s suspension, the Union Government has taken a series of steps in order to ensure a fair investigation into the matter as well as a smooth transition of power.

The President, in the capacity of a ‘Visitor To Central Universities’, will be further enquiring into the matter. As such, in accordance with the Section 7 of DU Act (1992), the Union Ministry Of Education has asked the University to appoint a Representative for the Visitorial Enquiry.

The education ministry wrote to DU officials citing how a  specific provision in the DU Act mandates the presence of a University representative in case of an enquiry.                                 

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The DU Act of 1992 further gives the Visitor the agency to initiate enquiry proceedings as and when they see fit. The representative of the University shall possess the right to speak on behalf of the institution during the enquiry.

The Ministry has instructed the University that under no circumstances must the order be flagrated; in case of unforeseen problems or accusations of impartial probe, the role of a Representative will be most crucial to resolving the issue.

The ministry has also sought clarification regarding some other aspects related to the enquiry from the varsity.              

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Feature Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

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