Students Marked ‘Absent’ in Open Book Exams (OBE) Asked to Retake Exam

With many students marked absent or awarded zero in the OBEs, some are now being told to retake the examinations

After the struggle of the OBEs and a delayed result, some students observed that they had been marked absent in various subjects despite appearing for the examinations. While the administration has been slow to address these complaints, there appeared to be some technical glitch that was causing these discrepancies.

I have been repeatedly trying to reach out to the nodal officer through email and phone calls. The officer told me there has been some technical glitch because of which they have not been able to receive the complaints mailed to them.

said Mishra, a final-year B.Com Honours student of Aryabhatta College who was marked absent in the results declared on October 27th.

Many third-year students have been struggling as a result of these discrepancies in their results and are unable to complete applications to gain admission for further studies and have communicated the same to the University. While the option to reevaluate the papers was given, this was a paid service. Even after reevaluation, many students were simply told to rewrite their examinations in December.

“I was shocked to see my result. I applied for the re-evaluation of two papers in May this year but there was no response for five months,”

said Lavanya Batra, a final year Economics Honours student of Kamala Nehru College (KNC) who was marked absent in her third-semester exam conducted a year ago.

After the five-month wait, Batra received an email from the DU Deputy Registrar of Examinations “advising” her to in the December cycle and that due to “unavoidable circumstances” the re-evaluation process is taking longer than expected.

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Tashi Dorjay Sherpa


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