Seat Details on University Website and Law Faculty Prospectus Differ

Aspirants waiting for admission to DU’s Law Faculty are in a fix due to the different seat details uploaded by the University’s website and the Faculty prospectus.

Students seeking admission to University of Delhi’s Faculty of Law are in a fix since the seat details in prospectus differ from those updated on the University’s website. While the website shows the total number of seats available for the course to be 2,888, the Law Faculty prospectus put the number at 2,541. 

The Dean of the Faculty of Law, Prof. (Dr.) Vandanahad, said on Wednesday that the information in its bulletin was correct. Students were still awaiting the merit list through the day. 

The DU list shows 780 seats for Other Backward Class (OBC) category in all three study centres. But the law faculty prospectus says that there were only 686 seats, hence I might lose my chance

– An OBC student upset at the mismanagement of the publication of such important information.

As per the seat matrix released by the University on September 11, there are 390 seats for general category students in Campus Law Centre (CLC), Law Centre-I (LC-I) and 389 seats in Law Centre-II (LC-II). For Scheduled Caste students, there are 145 at CLC and 144 each at LC-I and LC-II. Scheduled tribe students can vie for 72 seats each in CLC and LC-I and 73 in LC-II. Under the OBC category, there are 260 seats in all the three centres, while the EWS section has 96 each in CLC and LC-1 and 97 in LC-11. 

In contrast, the Law Faculty bulletin mentioned 389 seats each for the general category in all three centres, and for OBC, 228 in Campus Law Centre and 229 each at Law Centre-I and Law Centre-II. For Scheduled Caste (SC), it put 127 in all three centres, while for Scheduled Tribes (ST) it said there were 64 in CLC and 63 each in LC-I and LC-II. For EWS, it announced 39 each in all three centres.

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Sloka Roy