Pornography Boost: Guilty Pleasures from the Incognito Tabs

India sees a boost in pornography viewership like never before during the pandemic. Being a country that goes by the misinterpreted manuscripts of religious reincarnations, how can we interpret this questionably progressive thought in the ever rolling hands of time?

It was reported that porn viewership had shot up to 95% from India during the 21 days lockdown period. It is at the very same place that people engage in unhealthy sexual relationships due to a lack of sex education at different levels in life. Linking these key leads together, it is only absolute that a huge amount of the Indian population learns to explore their body and engage in sexual activities by taking “valuable insights” from the most trending porn sites hidden behind cleared search histories and the black screens of incognito tabs. 

Understanding this, in a much-complicated nation like ours is very difficult and all the more absurd because unlike all the other things under the sun, pornography, sex, and masturbation are never discussed at any of the intimate family dinner tables. We must realize discussing sex isn’t a taboo but not speaking about it is one. While the much diverse nation with religions opposing pornography and masturbation, India projects it’s not so secret statistics about prominent porn sites and their increased viewership.

Pornography and allied issues come up with a spectrum of subtopics and an innumerable amount of questions that have no definite answer. “Why has porn viewership increased?”, “Can these statistics be linked to the rising domestic and workplace violence against women?”, “Does this lead to increased visualizations of women being sexual objects?” – are a few among the many that can be read out loud from the silenced sensuous mind of Indians. 

Normalizing porn is not very easy as most of it contains really triggering visuals which can be discovered as anti-feminist, as we read more about consent, violence, and helplessness of those engaging in this industry. From making Whatsapp stickers of porn stars to having exploitative social media groups to send sexually explicit content captured without consent, the porn viewership and debates surrounding it move to another level. Revenge porn, publicizing nudes, etc., have been increasingly reported mostly involving teenagers who are unaware of the darkest routes behind the decisions made in the spur of a moment. 

The fact that the porn industry is exploitative is there right in front of our eyes. Hurt performances, trafficking, sex slavery, physical and mental abuse; child slavery, and forced sex are only a few among the major contents and consequences of porn. However, in India, it still forms a major part of elementary sexual education, which is devastating. Studies had found that many porn viewers even suggested adding these to the sex education curriculum if one is to ever exist. 

When people use pornography to learn and satisfy themselves, things turn upside down, as very often such visuals uphold the absence of consent and promotion of violence. Besides pornography will hamper the real idea of sex, as people often tend to forget that these aren’t real people engaging in sexual intercourse, but are only a bunch of actors who are directed to act in a particular way. Therefore, trying to bring the same ease of performing sex in life would lead to dissatisfaction among people. 

It is noteworthy that watching porn beyond a certain limit, due to underlying loneliness and unsatisfied needs, has, in most cases led to sexual crime. Serial killers like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer had confessed to indulging in soft porn from early teenage days which infested upon them and grew into an unsatisfied desire, thereby forcing them to subjugate humans and keep them under control to perform sexual activities. 

We must understand that the consumption of porn isn’t and shouldn’t be taboo. In fact, consumption in the right amounts and from the right sources by keeping restrictions on oneself is very important. Above all, bringing pornography, sex, and masturbation to the mainstream discussion platform is potent as it will help people realize the facts and figures required to understand the gravity of the issue and the delicacy with which it should be handled.

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Feature Image Credits: Birmingham Mail

Vaishnavi Varier



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