Meet the Team: Human Resource Management Team

We present to you, members of DU Beat’s Human Resource Management team!

It is nearly impossible for any organisation to function freely without their Human Resource Managers. These lovely people allow the rest of the departments to work at their top potentials ensuring them all a positive work environment and helping our team grow stronger and bigger every day. Unlike Toby from the Office, we actually love our Human Resources team. Let’s meet them!

  • Ashwini Iyer, Head of HR and Media Operations
Ashwini Iyer

“To quote Zaza from The Ellen DeGeneres Show, ‘I said, I am bad and boujee and I am acting like I’m cute. And I am so extra.’”

  • Soniyal Bajaj, HR Manager
Soniyal Bajaj

“’Being open to continuous improvement’ characterizes Soniyal and his ambitious streak. Soniyal is a political science sophomore at a prestigious college in Delhi University. Driven by his desire to find his footing in the world, he is a talented teammember with a passion for people. Pursuing excellence in all he does, Soniyal is obssessed with creating and implementing strategies that help the organization keep the morale of its employees high. Ever enthusiastic and serene, he is a true believer of experiential learning and harbours the notion that every individual, who interacts with him adds value to his life. When he isn’t working, you will find Soniyal capturing the beauty of the city he hails from- Varanasi, or deliberating over the conflicting political theories – doing Justice to the subject he studies.”

  • Samridhi Khanna, HR Manager
Samridhi Khanna

“I am an HR Manager, AND NOO !!!! I don’t make rangolis. I sleep like I am getting paid for it and I could consider that to be my prospective career option. I am the new girl in the city, from the snowflakes to the fireballs. I doodle my thoughts away, binge watching netflix while I sip my chai.
P.S. I’d love to cook you your favorite meal”

  • Anirudh Rai, HR Manager

“Today is a good day because you did your best! Well done! :D”


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