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“Hostel Warden, Istifa Do”; LSR hostel resident body rises in rage against Admin’s claims.

The hostel resident body at Lady Shri Ram College has issued a statement refuting the administration’s claim that, Aishwarya Reddy, a 2nd year student, who died by suicide on November 3rd, 2020,  approached them with her grievances.

“The college administration is now claiming that Aishwarya had never approached the hostel or department with her problems. This is clearly not so, since through multiple correspondences, the resident body had conveyed the problems of the students to the admin, which were all side-lined and ignored every time. We wish to document this communication in order to disprove the baseless claims of the college administration.”, mentioned the statement issued by LSR hostel residents.

On October 12, 2020, the hostel administration asked the second-year residents to vacate their rooms by the end of the month. The notification was in compliance with the hotel’s new policy, as per which only first-year students would be allowed to stay in the hostel. This policy has been vehemently opposed by the student body, who consider it is highly exclusionary as the accommodation facilities near the college are extremely expensive.

 The hostel residents claimed that they wrote multiple emails to the administration and approached them several times, individually as well as collectively. However, the administration they told, ignored their appeals, and asked them to vacate their rooms for “maintenance and repair purposes”, as to prepare the hostel for the upcoming batch, despite the fact that the date for the commencement of physical classes is yet to be announced.

The deadline was extended to November 10, but as per the residents, the college authorities threatened to employ packers to move out their luggage. The college notification also states that administration is not responsible for any damage or misplacement of student’s property. Worried about their belongings, students have been forced to travel to Delhi from different parts of India- amidst a pandemic.

Students have demanded resignation of the hostel warden, Dr. Ujjayini Ray as well as the Principal, Dr. Suman Sharma. Further, they want the administration to revert to the three-year hostel system with full implementation of reservation.

Click HERE to access the full statement issued by LSR’s hostel residents about the email exchange between the warden and the residents.

Feature Image Credits: Youth Ki Awaaz

Shraddha Iyer