Festivities Before and After COVID-19

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, almost everything turned upside down and people adjusted themselves around these novelties, but this year’s festive season also had to take a toll on our mental and physical well-being.

With October starting with the beautiful fall season, we all were in that transition phase of enjoying the celebrations of our favourite festivals of the year. Many saw this as a ray of light at the end of the tunnel, a source of motivation and inspiration to end this dreadful year with hope and positive energies. 

But for others, this festive season brought more sadness and despair than probably the entire year. Being away from their families and being locked inside their houses, many people felt more isolated and lonelier than warm and connected this Diwali. As a late teenager myself, I felt extremely detached from my surrounding this Diwali. Feelings of self-doubt kept resurfacing around the corner, and people had to make sure that these feelings don’t mentally affect them negatively. 

Diwali holds certain rituals of meet and greets with relatives, playing cards and binge eating “mithai” without any guilt. This year, the celebrations did cut short on time and levels of exposure, creating an air of gloom and dullness in many houses. Despite these circumstances, people tried their best to light their houses, overdress with their families and try to use this festival as an opportunity to reconnect through video calls all across the globe. 

But one thing’s for sure, this Diwali made us realize the worth of our family and the importance of togetherness in multifold. It’s amazing how it took a virus to make us realize that we shouldn’t take our family for granted. People didn’t give up on hope and tried making this Diwali as exuberant as possible, something to remember every year. From putting on lights, Diwali parties, Meet and greets, and the overall celebration of Diwali, everything changed. But as we all start living with this “new normal”, we’re all evolving as citizens together, staying safe and making sure we challenge this year 2020 together and stand resolute against it now and in the near future. 

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Feature Image Credits: Times of India

Hridika Rao

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