DU Short on Professors Due to Increase in Number of Students

The professors of the University of Delhi complained of shortage in the teaching staff, given the recent rise in the total number of students at the University. 

Many professors of the University of Delhi voiced the opinion that online classes, due to the ongoing pandemic, might be a temporary fix to accommodate the excess students and demanded the appointment of new faculty under the expansion plan.

Last year, the Government of India introduced a new reservation quota for Economically Weaker Section (EWS) giving them a 10% reservation in Government jobs and educational institutions. Because of this the University has increased its intake by 25%.

However, the teaching staff is yet to be appointed. This has left many colleges short-staffed. At the moment, out of 10,500 professors in the varsity, around 4,500 are ad-hoc (appointed on a contractual basis of four months) and 3,000 are guest lecturers (paid on per-lecture basis)

“Once physical classes resume, accommodating extra students while maintaining COVID-19 protocols will be a challenge. We will need more classrooms, staff, labs, and teachers to accommodate the increased number of students. We are expecting grants to come sooner than later so that colleges get necessary logistical support systems on reopening .” said Manoj Sinha, principal of Aryabhatta College and Secretary of DUPA (Delhi University Principal’s Association) 

Last month, the UGC (University Grants Commission) had asked Central Universities to curtail administrative expenditure and  “creation of posts” in view of the “current fiscal situation.”. 

 “The UGC circular is not a blanket ban and is only an advisory which says new posts can’t be created. We have already received grants for the first phase of EWS expansion. Since classes are mostly being conducted online, the increase in the number of students can be managed. Conducting offline classes will be difficult but we plan to start EWS-specific recruitments from next year once the situation improves.” – said DU Dean of Colleges Balaram Pani.

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Harsh Paliwal


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