Why I Am A Centrist: “Well, I Am A Man Of Reason, You Know?”

Let me explain why I am a centrist. You see, responsibility is not something I enjoy. Well, even political identity can be a spectrum, right?

What Is a ‘Centrist’ and Why Do Some of Us Choose to Identify as One?

“In politics, centrism is a political outlook or specific position that involves acceptance or support of a balance of a degree of social equality and a degree of social hierarchy, while opposing political changes which would result in a significant shift of society strongly to either the left or the right” is what Wikipedia says, but as a centrist, I can tell you there is so much more to this ‘way of life’ than that internet jargon.

What is a Centrist?

Well, simply put, things aren’t always black and white. It’s all about the ‘middle path’ and not one or the other form of extremism. And that is where my personal journey as a centrist starts. In my opinion, the field of politics is so vast and varied that it would be a ‘part of the problem’ to dedicate myself to one side. When you are loyal to one side, refuse to make reasonable and logical compromises. As a man of reason, I am a centrist.

What Does A Centrist Do?

We’re in an era of divisive politics and extremism and as a centrist, I try to bring the argument to a middle ground. In a world of dimwits squabbling over issues with more passion than reason, we centrists are the ‘voice of reason’ or the mature ones. Without us, the world would be a mess. That is what makes me so proud to be a centrist.

Centrist Memes | Know Your Meme
As a man of reason, I am a centrist. (Image for Representational Purposes, Credits: Know Your Meme)

What is Life As A Centrist Like?

It takes a toll on you, always being the mature one who has to resolve all the issues. When you don’t align yourself to the extreme views of both the left and the right, you’re bound to make enemies on both sides. I’m often asked if I receive hate from both sides, but the answer is surprisingly, ‘no.’ In reality, the right-wing is way more accepting of us a lot more reasonable and mature when it comes to our opinions. No wonder they run the government.

Leftists on the other hand, constantly bash us asking us to ‘pick a side’ or saying that ‘centrists aren’t real.’ This clearly shows their hypocrisy of the left. They say that gender is a ‘spectrum’ but apparently, political identity is not? I believe it is a ‘spectrum’ too, not that I necessarily (agree or don’t) with them that gender is, but in this case, I think it is dehumanising to deny us of our identity. And then they say that queer folks should not have to identify with one side. Radical leftist double standards?

How Does Society See Centrists?

In the true spirit of equality and moderation, I asked a leftist and a rightist to give me their views on centrists.

Centrists are the worst kind of people. They refuse to take a side or make any productive addition to any political debate. They give themselves a sense of superiority and pretend to be above everything but more often than not, tend to support the rightists. When you are silent on an issue, you are on the side of the oppressor.

Raghav, a student at an ‘Anti-National’ University and activist

Centrists are great! They are the only reasonable people who can find solutions for the nation like us. These leftists have polarised everyone with their hate speeches and the 11 lakh pages on Umar Khalid should tell you enough about this. I get along with centrists just fine and I don’t think it’s important to have an opinion on everything.

Animesh, a student at ‘Anti-National’ University but a member of ‘Nationalist’ student union

I think that I have sufficiently explained that it is all about the middle ground. Police brutality is a terrible thing and the Black Lives Matter protestors are heroes but we also have to see that the ‘D-City’ Police beating up students is only a result of their ‘anti-national’ tendencies. This sense of responsibility is why I am a centrist.

Disclaimer: Please don’t come at us, this is satirical.

Image Credits: knowyourmeme.com

Tashi Dorjay Sherpa

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