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SFI LSR Condemns LSR Admin’s for Making Hostel First-Years Only

In a press statement released on the 11th of October, SFI LSR has condemned the arbitrary decision taken by LSR administration, to make the college hostel available only for first year students.

“We condemn the undemocratic way in which the administration has sought to implement this decision despite massive student resistance.”

SFI LSR Statement

In a General Body Meeting called on the 11th, the hostel warden had notified the students that they must vacate their hostel rooms by the end of October. Financial and health concerns raised by students in relation to aforementioned have been neglected and students have been left without any remedy and respite.

“It is highly exclusionary on part of the administration to expect students to vacate the hostel in the midst of the pandemic. Financial stability of many families has been affected during these times. To expect students to come to Delhi, incurring the travel cost and risk contracting the virus, is an outright insensitive decision on behalf of the college administration.”

Lekshmi, Co-convenor, SFI LSR and hostel resident.

SFI LSR’s demands are as follows-

  1. LSR administration must retain the resident batch of 2019 in the hostel.
  2. They must follow Section 33 of the Delhi University Act and make arrangements for ‘Hostels for all’.
  3. They must refrain from making authoritative, undemocratic, anti-student decisions.

Further, SFI LSR has also called upon students to rise in solidarity and resist the decision of the administration to evict the second year students from their hostel accommodation.

The LSR Residence Hall has a Warden, an Assistant Warden and a Superintendent. they take care of admission, financial transaction, revising policies, leave issues and taking action against ragging. There are several student committees who participate in administrative work. There is a Students’ Union with a President, Vice-President and Secretary.

Feature Image Credits: LSR Website

Shraddha Iyer