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North Campus vs South ‘Campus’- A Comparison

This article aims to clear one of the major confusions in every DU aspirant’s minds- that of the choice of the campus they go to.

Before joining DU (Delhi University), one of the major dilemmas in every student’s mind is that of which campus to go for- North Campus or South Campus. The campus is often a huge factor in college choices and is often a tie-breaker in colleges that are perceived to be equally good. Here, I will attempt to look at how they both differ.

FactorNorth CampusSouth Campus
Proximity to Other CollegesThe colleges here are closer to each other and thus students often visit other campuses for fests, competitions and so on.Barring a few colleges, most colleges- LSR, JMC, Gargi-KNC to name a few are far from each other and thus travelling between colleges is not always convenient.
Campus Common AreasComplementing the ‘Campus Vibe’, North has various common areas like VC Lawns, Arts Faculty etc. where students can collect and hang out (or protest).South Campus has no such options.
Cost of LivingThe cost of living is lower here- rentals are lower, transportation cost is low and even avoidable as most places are within walking distance.Being in the ‘posh’ areas, property rentals are higher, also since average distances are more between PGs/flats and colleges, transport cost tends to be higher.
NightlifeDespite being dominated by students, North Campus, that is- Kamla Nagar, Vijay Nagar, etc. sleeps by 11 PM.South Campus has a more vibrant nightlife- being closer to clubs, pubs and general areas that bustle during late hours.
SafetyNorth Campus is relatively very unsafe- phone snatchings and even robberies are common.South Campus is in general very safe- while you might think twice before stepping out during late hours in North Campus, no such problem exists in the South.
Places of InterestKamla Nehru Ridge, St. Stephen’s, Chandni Chowk, Red FortIndia Gate, Hauz Khas, Nehru Place

While there are several differences in terms of colleges, campus life differs in these regards. North Campus is generally considered to be a more exposed environment and thus offers more scope for learning through extracurricular activities, while the peace and beauty (for the most part) of South Campus is unmatched.

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Khush Vardhan Dembla

[email protected]