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Lets Talk About Sex with Healthier! It’s time to break the stigma -Team Healthier

Admit it, we have all been there. Back in 10th grade when we had the chapter about reproduction, half of our class would be in a frenzy of giggles, the other half would be extremely curious, but soon all the excitement sank when we realised that even our own teachers are ashamed to TEACH us about something as basic as reproductive organs and the chapters covered no more than what we already know. All through our school years, we have been denied the right to sexual education, right?

We then grow up and move to colleges. Due to the lack of adequate healthy sex education that we should have been taught via our schools, we learn about sex, our bodies and our sexuality through media, pornography or our peers. Many young people move on to become sexuality active in their college years without being aware of so many aspects of sex and sexuality. The gap and void that sex education should have filled becomes more apparent when young people face situations where they find themselves facing the consequences of insufficient sex education coupled with a hostile environment where they are unable to address their sexual concerns without judgement. This is the stigma and silence we all live with. We find it embarrassing to discuss even subjects that most other countries engage their students in from a very young age, thanks to the taboo that is attached to the very idea of sex and our bodies.

Healthier is an initiative founded by a few students of St. Stephens College, University of Delhi undertaken under the Millennium Fellowship [Class of 2020], supported by the United Nations Academic Impact and Millennium Campus Network. The Healthier team, currently more than 50 young people from across India, have come together after realizing the need for comprehensive sex education in the college communities as well. We at Healthier believe that by educating our youth about all aspects related to sex, menstruation and sexuality we can make a huge difference not just in our own lives but within the communities we live in, we aim to interact and erase the stigma around the knowledge that is so ignorantly hidden from us in the name culture or tradition.

Join us at the Healthier Webinar series that will be held weekly. Sunday evenings cannot be more productive! Spend the next few weekends learning more about your bodies and sexual health. We have an expert panel for every webinar that will include a medical expert and an expert who is working in the area of sex education in India. Join us in our webinar series to learn more about topics like Contraceptives, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections, Menstrual Health and Hygiene, PCOS, Vaginal Health and so much more.
If you wish to get a comprehensive E-book, titled Sex Education 101 made by Team Healthier, take our quick survey. The survey has been taken by more than 2300 young menstruators across India to understand the levels of sexual and menstrual health awareness among young menstruators of our country.

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