Learnings from the Life at PG

Here’s a list of lessons one learns by living in a paying guest accommodation.

Living in a paying guest accommodation is like being a part of an almost parasitic micro-community that you have a love-hate relationship with. Well, turns out it’s mostly love. We have seen glorious dramatization of PG students binge watching movies together, making Maggi at 2 am, and missing ghar ka khaana. While all of that is true, a lot more goes on in these buildings than we let ourselves believe. 

Here are a few things that living in a PG teaches us -:

1.  Networking

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 As a micro-community, a PG is a fantastic place to make connections with people from different colleges, courses, careers, and cities. The opportunities of benefit range from notes, contacts, and recommendations to sometimes even internship offers and further networking avenues.  

2. Culture

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When people from all over the country -or sometimes even the world- come together, a structure enclosed within four walls becomes a melting pot of culture and festivity. You learn about and celebrate festivals that are new to you, and also learn how to respect every identity. 

3. Sharing

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 Living in a PG involves sharing everything- food, clothes, notes, playlists, etc.- but the most important thing you share is your perspective. Living in a PG involves understanding various points of view and then changing yours for the better; after directly communicating with people from different walks of life and unlearning the various stereotypes and/or prejudices that you may have. 

4. Identifying Needs

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 Living with multiple people requires you to sometimes compromise what you want for the collective interest of the group. While it feels bad the first time, it eventually helps you differentiate between your ‘wants’ and your absolute ‘needs.’

5. Meaningful Conversations

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 There is nothing better than talking to your friend on the terrace under the starts with your voices fading into the background music of your playlist. It is during these conversations that you understand the other person and learn to empathize with them. It is during these conversations that you let your guard down and show who you actually are.

6. Event Management

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 Celebrations are not limited to birthdays and festivals. End of exams? Party. Break-up? Party. Getting bored? Party. With everyone on a limited budget, your event management skills are put to the test. We can have a great time at clubs and cafes, but these parties become our best memories that we reminisce about in our later life. 

7. Organization

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Sure, your organization skills are polished almost every weekend when you clean and reorganize your space. However, they are truly bettered when your roommate’s parents are coming to visit and you have to hide stray alcohol bottles, ash trays, love letters, or photographs. 

8. Resource Management

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Also known as ‘Jugaad’, this can involve anything, from befriending guard bhaiya to let you go out or come in beyond the curfew timings, or flattering your warden enough to construct makeshift storage shelves or for getting your assignments made.

Pro tip: Don’t waste time labelling your dabbas, they’re going to get stolen anyway. 

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Kashvi Raj Singh 


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