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Kejriwal Sees the DU Act as Hurdle for Establishing More Colleges

Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi, claimed that there was a dearth of seats in the University of Delhi. He argued that it is important to establish more colleges so that more students from Delhi can study at DU. 

Arvind Kejriwal, in a virtual press conference, claimed that the University of Delhi had a shortage of seats. Currently, since 2.5 lakh students clear the class 12 Board Exams every year and only 1.25 lakh can get admission in colleges in Delhi, he said that it is of utmost importance that we open more colleges.

He admitted that the sky-high cut-offs were not the students’ fault but that of the government and the education system. He argued that all students in Delhi must have the option to study in Delhi. Since the seats fall short every year, and two students must compete for one seat, an expansion of DU was proposed to the Minister of Education in a letter directed to him by Kejriwal.

He claimed that the Delhi Government was ready to invest in opening more colleges, however, many legal hurdles need to be dealt with. The DU Act was cited as an obstacle to expand the scope of education in Delhi. “The DU Act was made by the Britishers in 1927. In the Act, it is written that if any new college is opened in Delhi, it can only be affiliated to DU and no other university. In the last 30 years, DU has opened no new college. It’s not possible also as their capacity is full” said Arvind Kejriwal.

“In 1998, there was a slight amendment where it was said that along with DU, colleges can also be affiliated to IP University… Here also the capacity is full. So it is necessary for this law made by the Britishers should be changed. The country has moved miles ahead. Our children need a higher education. We have improved school infrastructure but we now want to open many more colleges and universities,” he added.

This comes at a time when public universities are battling corruption within the DU administration on one hand and the refusal of the Delhi Government to provide them with funds on the other. If this continues, government-subsidized higher education could become a sorry state of affairs. Improvement of infrastructure within current colleges, and establishment of new ones- both are extremely necessary.

Feature Image credits: Punjab Kesari

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