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How to Transfer to another College/Course in Between Cut-offs?

With the first cut-off list for all courses set to be released next week on October 12 as per the, excitement and apprehensions are running quite high among all DU aspirants. As admissions have been delayed due to the pandemic, every aspirant must have already made a list of their dream college and course.

While we hope that you get your ‘Dream College and Course’, it is also possible that you, as an aspirant, do not clear the first cut-off of your desired college/course. The most logical step, in this situation is to secure a seat which you are eligible for, even if it’s not what you desirable college/course. But, do not get disheartened as there still exist possibilities of you clearing the subsequent cut-off lists. And if you do, the University of Delhi gives you the provision to transfer to your preferred college/course.

Here is a detailed guide on how to change college/course in between cutoffs –

Step 1 – After making sure that one meets the eligibility to take admission in their college of preference, visit the DU UG Admission portal and log in with your credentials. The cancellation will be done through the applicant’s dashboard.

Step 2 – Cancel the existing admission.

Step 3 – Choose a new combination of course and college, subject to eligibility and meeting course-specific requirements. Follow the same steps as done before to apply for the previous college and course.

Although the steps are same as previous years, the only difference is that the entire process will be online.

Fee Reimbursement

When the applicant cancels their previous admission in the subsequent cut-off list, the refunded fee amount will be visible in the “Wallet” section of their Dashboard. A cancellation fee of Rs. 1,000 will be deducted and this will be reflected in the refunded amount visible in the “Wallet”.
The admission fee will be adjusted automatically through the Dashboard itself, after the subsequent admission is approved. The applicant will have to pay only the balance fee; if it is more than the fees already paid at the previous college. If the fee in the latter college is less, the balance will be refunded to the applicant’s account or to an account declared by the applicant as per the College/University rules after the admissions are closed.

Things to keep in mind

Before cancelling the existing admission, be completely sure that you are eligible for the course and college you are transferring to.

Only one cancellation is allowed per Cut-off list. Cancellation for readmission in another merit-based college/course will not be possible in the first Cut-off list and can be attempted only in subsequent cut-off lists.

The total number of cancellations is restricted to (n-1) where “n” is the total number of cut-off Lists.

Once an applicant has cancelled his/ her admission, he/she cannot be re-admitted to that course/college automatically, and must undergo the entire admission process anew, which is then, subject to availability of seats and the applicant meeting course-specific eligibility requirements.

“I got a transfer from BSc. (H) Biochemistry in Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences to Bsc. (H) Zoology in Gargi College. The process of transfer was easy and I was able to apply for Gargi and get the admission in just about half an hour. The only issue is that the balance of fees I paid for getting admission in Rajguru has not been refunded yet. Otherwise the whole transfer process was not that tedious for me.”

A second-year Gargi student, who wished to remain anonymous, shared with DU Beat

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