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Ex-NSUI Leader Dismissed for Allegedly Sharing Inappropriate Picture

An ex-National Students’ Union of India (NSUI) party leader has been dismissed from his role after being found guilty for sending an unsolicited and inappropriate picture to an ex-classmate.

Recently, an ex-student from a University in the NCR region allegedly received an unsolicited semi-naked picture from one of her former classmates. The person in question who allegedly sent the explicit picture is an ex-student from the same institution and an ex-member of the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI). The receiver has chosen to remain strictly anonymous about the situation for privacy reasons.

The suggestive photo, shared via Instagram DMs, captured the sender wearing only grey sweatpants with a perceptible bulge. The two parties reportedly did not have a previous connection.

The girl went on Instagram to clarify, “So, I don’t owe anybody any sort of clarification but just to get it out there, I don’t talk to him. We’re not friends. I just know him because we were in the same college, different sections. Then today out of nowhere, he sends me this picture…”

After being confronted by the girl, the alleged offender refused accountability and justified himself by saying that that was a ‘post-workout’ picture that he casually forwarded to multiple parties without any ill intentions.

Moreover, the accused issued specific instructions to ‘chill’ when the concern of sexual harassment was raised by the girl. 

After the situation gained significant viral traction, reportedly NSUI, the Congress-affiliated student wing party, quickly responded by dismissing the alleged from his role as the State Coordinator, SM, and RTI Cell, New Delhi in the party. The message was conveyed to him by an NSUI official. According to reports, an inquiry committee had been formed to investigate the case and it was found that he was guilty in the same.

As you have already seen just on the basis of complaint (that too on insta) to one of our post holders, the issue was told to the national president, and at the same time, a committee was formed which has inspected all the angles. [On the basis] of the enquiry, we found the person guilty so without wasting the time, we suspended him from all the posts of NSUI.
NSUI is a student body organisation and personally, we don’t believe such nature and do not support these kinds of activity, so we suspended him from all post.

Lokesh Chugh, National Secretary, Incharge of Media & Communications for NSUI, told DU Beat

The accused has since removed NSUI credentials from his social media accounts. The news was also shared by the complainant on their Twitter account. 

via Twitter

The complainant has also informed the accused’s college Dean and plans to initiate legal action against him shortly. A few advocates have reportedly offered to aid her in the process. DU Beat has also contacted the complainant for their comment, but there has been no response as of now. 

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