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DU Authorities Address Admission Related Queries by DU Beat

Owing to an overwhelming number of queries and reports of glitches, DU Beat spoke to admission officials and professors to address the same.

The admissions to Delhi University under the 1st Cut-off came to an end on 14th October 2020, with the last date of fee payment for the same to be 16th of October 2020. Yet amidst the admissions, students reported ambiguities in the procedure. This included issues like no clarity over processing and status of applications, pending forms, etc. Beside these, there were reports of administrative and technical glitches in the entire procedure.

DU Beat received an overwhelming amount of queries from the aspirants regarding the same. We thus approached the concerned authorities in various colleges, including professors, to gain an insight into the matter.

A professor from Daulat Ram College, who preferred anonymity, remarked that the applications were coming in at huge numbers due to which it was not physically possible to screen them. She added that there was a lack of manpower, which was causing delay in the entire process.
She also added that the students were not instantly getting the fee payment link as the entire procedure was a three tier one. The documents were verified by the specific department to which candidate applied, the senior admin and then the principal.

“The procedure is such that once your documents have been verified by the specific department where you have applied, it is also to be verified by senior admin and principal so that’s why it takes longer . There is no way that you will get the payment link instantly or right after your documents have been verified you have to wait patiently for the same. “

Anonymous, Professor, Daulat Ram College

Another query that the aspirants frequently brought up was regarding the pending applications. A lot of applications in which the candidate had qualified the cut-off were left unprocessed. Answering to this particular query, a professor from Jesus and Mary College remarked that it was necessary for the candidate to qualify the cut-off. The pending cases would either be considered or rejected keeping in mind the minimum percentage.

“No, the applicant would be qualified only in the cut-off where his/her Best of Four subjects are lying. Pending cases would either be approved or rejected as the case may be.”

– Anonymous, Commerce Professor, Jesus and Mary College

However, the authorities remarked that if the candidate had qualified the cut-off and their application was still on pending, they need not have to worry. They stated that in a lot of cases the certificates were not in order, images were not clear and things were not uploaded properly. That was the reason that the applications were delayed and shown as pending.

“Applicants should be rest assured that if they are clearing the cut-off and have applied to the college with correct documentation, the process may be delayed but they will not be denied admission.”

– Anonymous, Economics Professor, Daulat Ram College

A major problem that the admission authorities are facing is the verification of category certificates, especially the Other Backward Class (OBC) certificates. A professor from Gargi College remarked that in most of the cases the OBC certificate of candidates was not updated. In such cases they had to revert back to the candidate via email or phone call and had to ask them sign an undertaking. The undertaking gives a 15 days time to students to produce an updated certificate.

“Applications keep coming in and we are working and working. In most of the cases, category certificates get into trouble as at times OBC certificates are not updated and we cannot accept them if they are not issued after 31st March 2020. So we get back to the student and ask her to get a new one which she can’t, as it’s a pandemic. Then the college asks the student to sign an undertaking that she will submit it within 15 days and will get provisional admission on that basis”

– Anonymous, English Professor, Gargi College

The entire process is online this time and thus admission officials did highlight the technical hurdles too. While few others stated that the process was streamlined and there were no hurdles in particular. Mr Rajib Ray, professor, Kirori Mal College stated that the process was streamlined in their college and they were trying to streamline it further. He added that issues like screening of category certificates were creating a delay but the process was smooth. However, Mr Ray highlighted that students were applying at odd hours like 9 p.m in the night and officials had to process them by 10 a.m in morning.
He further said that most of the professors were involved in admissions and thus they had their own classes to attend too.
Moreover, applicants are calling the officials at midnight hours or even 3 a.m in morning.

However, the Commerce professor from Jesus and Mary College (JMC) stated that they were not facing any hurdles.

“There are no as such major hurdles. All the teachers were made aware about the online portal and were given training. The college portal too is user friendly with multiple log-in IDs to facilitate the process and for better coordination, teachers are allotted time slots and they remain online on virtual meeting platforms to discuss and decide on the case on real time basis.”

– Anonymous, Commerce Professor, JMC

An English professor from Maitreyi College remarked that there were initial hiccups in the process but it is streamlined now. While an admission official from Kamala Nehru College (KNC) remarked that the portal does turn slow at times. The official further provided data on the applications:

“In journalism we have cleared around 80 percentage of applications.
The departments (commerce, political science, B A programme etc) which have received huge number of applications, they are still doing it.”

– An Admission official from Kamala Nehru College remarked.

Altogether, the applications are being processed with a lot of care owing to the sensitivity of online systems. While Student Unions (SU) are also trying to address the admission queries in their own capacity. Elizabeth Reji, the president of JMC SU stated that they would try to address the issues via social media as much as they could. The colleges will be sharing the accurate data soon after the processing is completed.

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