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Discrepancies Arise in The Revaluation Results of First and Third Semester DU

DU declared the results of revaluation for November/December 2019 examinations for intermediate students on 28th October 2020. However, a number of students have reported discrepancies in the same.

The results for revaluation requests of the intermediate batch of Delhi University came out on 28th October 2020. Only a few courses’ results have been declared so far but a number of students have reported anomalies in the same. Many students who requested for revaluation for odd semesters, results for which were declared in June 2020, stated that their marks didn’t change at all.

The revaluation results have been declared in the form of two lists marked as, ‘No Change list’ and ‘Revised List’. The former contained the names of the students whose marks didn’t change and latter with the names of the students with changed results. Reportedly, many students didn’t have their name in either of the two lists.

“The problem is that a lot of us had applied for revaluation by paying around Rs 1000 but our marks didn’t even change. But the biggest problem is that our name should be in either of the two lists of change or no change. Yet my name isn’t there in either, including 2 of my other friends. I am sure there must be hundreds of others like me”, said a second year student of DU.

The students stated that since, this time due to the pandemic the results for the even semesters (Second and fourth) were declared on the basis of odd semesters(First and third) the problem was further aggravated. Due to the discrepancies in re-evaluation of the results for the odd semesters, their results for the even semester are also hanging in mid-air. 

Students also approached the revaluation branch with their grievances which replied saying that the revaluation for the November and December examinations is under process, and thus the lists mention only a few students. They further assured that it  would be revised as more results are declared. The students can mail at enquiring about their results or any further query they have regarding revaluation.

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