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Confusion over the position of Registrar at Delhi University

Infighting said to be the source of chaos in the University administration over the position of Registrar.

Confusion broke out in the Delhi University administration over the position of Registrar with several notifications and appointments leading to the overall chaos. On the 19th of October, a notification from the Deputy Dean of Legal Affairs instructed the then Registrar that the Executive Council (EC) meeting that had been adjourned on the 10th of October was not to be reconvened without the authorisation of the Vice-Chancellor. A notification from the Join Registrar-Establishment (N/T) dated the 21st of October has declared P.C. Jha as the Registrar and Director, South Campus for the University. Another notification from the registrar’s office on the 21st of October called the EC meeting presided by S. Kundu as Registrar, “illegal and void” for being in violation in the previous notification.

While one official presided over this meeting, another was ordered to vacate the office of the Registrar with a letter from the acting Vice-Chancellor (VC) P.C. Joshi on the 21st of October asking P.C. Jha to vacate the premises calling his occupation illegal and saying that it was “unbecoming of a teacher in the University.” Commenting on these events, Rajib Ray,

“Happenings of today are extremely unfortunate and disgraceful. This will only destabilize the University and damage its reputation.” He further added that “The University can only be governed through provisions of its Act and Statutes. Prof Yogesh Tyagi should take responsibility, else, allow the University to be governed by other Officials as mandated by the Act. The University cannot be pushed into further mess!”

President, DUTA said

On the 22nd of October, another notification stated that “Dr Geeta Bhatt, Director, Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board (NCWEB) has been appointed as Pro-Vice-Chancellor in place of Prof. P.C. Joshi” with immediate effect as issued by the Registrar. Prof. PC Joshi has been the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and acting VC from the 28th of July, owing to the VC Yogesh Tyagi being on leave due to ill health. The source of the chaos is said to be infighting between tow factions within the University Administration.

There is a total chaos and anarchy in the Vice Regal Office. Happenings of the past two days are extremely disgraceful and unfortunate and are indicative that the system has be hollowed in terms of rules and regulations and its ability to value merit over and above connections. 
Given that admissions are taking place, this infighting and instability is definitely a negative publicity for the University. The University and fraternity has nothing to gain from this.

Abha Dev Habib, Treasurer, DUTA

In a dramatic twist in the ongoing tussle between Delhi University Vice-Chancellor (V-C) Yogesh Tyagi and Pro V-C P C Joshi, the union government snubbed Tyagi on Thursday, declaring his contentious appointments to the Registrar’s post as invalid. The Ministry of Education (MoE) also instructed DU to not act on Tyagi’s orders until he joined office after submitting a medical fitness certificate  “issued by the competent authority who treated him”.

Joshi would continue to act as the head of the university until then.

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

Tashi Dorjay Sherpa