Bazinga: DU College Canteens to start Home Delivery

In a delightful development, DU College canteens are initiating home delivery of their sumptuous food, bringing the memories of college canteen to the comfort of your homes.

There could not be any news; other than the much-awaited COVID vaccine; more exciting than this – DU College canteens have decided to start home delivery of food. The administration has given the nod to selective college canteens to operate, keeping in mind various safety regulations.

Not many details have come to light, but around 15 college canteens from north and south campus will start delivering their specialties possibly from next month. The deliveries will be limited to Delhi and anyone can order, offering a chance to people outside DU to experience the lip-smacking food right from DU canteens or ‘cafeterias’ in the comfort of their homes. The colleges, whose canteens will operate, have not been finalised yet, but it is being speculated that popular college canteens will be the ones to be chosen. Thus, Hindu College, Miranda House, Kamala Nehru College, Sri Venkateswara College, Jesus and Mary College are some of the top contenders. Sources have revealed that the canteens are collaborating with Zomato, a popular, private, Indian restaurant aggregator and food delivery start-up to facilitate home-delivery. DU canteens are known for being economical as they offer low-cost, hearty meals, however prices while ordering food online might vary from the usual prices.

A canteen employee of Miranda House, who wished to remain anonymous, said,” I am not aware of this decision as of yet. But it would be great if we start to work again soon. It would not be the same without the students, but at least I would get some respite from struggling and worrying about work.” Divya Kataria, a second year student from Miranda House, who resides in Delhi said,” I have been missing canteen food a lot and if they start delivering food at home, I would surely order for me and my parents and show them where all my money goes.”

The exact details of the decision have not been released, but the official notification can be expected in a few days and it is certainly something to look up to in these stressful times.

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Featured Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

Ipshika Ghosh
[email protected]