AUD Students Emerge Victorious in Their Protest Against the Administration

After a four-month-long protest with the AUD administration, the student council and community has clinched many demands.

There were four major on-ground protests and five-hour-long meeting with the VC organised by the Ambedkar University Delhi (AUD) Students’ Council and student community in which they have clinched many demands:

1. Extra-mural costs removed till campus opens after pandemic.

2. Late fee withdrawn for this semester.

3. Fee payment extended by 1 month, till 18 November.

4. Bills to claim SWF to be facilitated by the administration. Receipts besides food and photocopy will also be accepted.

5. No compulsary attendance for SUS students. Students will not be exempted from exams due to lack of attendance.

6.1st phase of tablets will be distributed on 7 September.

7. Data pack reimbursements will start from 7 September. Students will receive more than Rs. 500. Data packs extended to research scholars.

The administration agreeing to the demands of the students gives us hope of making education accessible not only for the privileged but for everyone.

Nishant Mishra, 2nd year English Honours student of AUD

However, the Vice-Chancellor has denied that the University has any right over the reservation policy and fee reduction. The SFI unit of AUD outrightly denies this claim. As per the AUD Act, the University has full right over fee collection; given the massive corpus fund of AUD, fee reduction was definitely possible.

The admin, though verbally has accepted that no SC/ST seats will go vacant, has refused to give it in writing. In the coming days, pressure should be built against the state government to also meet with student representatives and ensure fee reduction and withdrawal of changes to the reservation policy.

Elizabeth Alexander, President, SFI AUD Unit

Although the student council and the student community have been able to make the administration agree to accept some of their demands, the struggle is far from over. The students are now fighting to ensure fee reduction and the withdrawal of changes to the reservation policy.

Featured Image Credits: Received via WhatsApp from AUD & SFI members

Sloka Roy