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6 Nabbed For Murder OF DU Student

Rahul Rajput, a second year student of SOL, assaulted by a group of 6-7 people, succumbed to his injuries in the evening of 7th October. Police nabs 6 assaulters.

Rahul Rajput was a second year student of School of Open Learning. The cause of the scuffle was allegedly his friendship with a woman. In the evening of October 7 the victim was asked to come to the Nanda road by his attackers. There he was beaten by the woman’s brother, cousin, an 18 year old man and 3 juveniles. 

Reportedly, the woman’s family didn’t approve of the friendship due to their different religions. Witnesses claim that the boy suffered no outwardly visible injuries. His family immediately rushed him to the BJRM hospital, where he succumbed to a spleen rupture from the assault. By 14th October the Delhi police had nabbed 6 of the assaulters.

When we reached the spot, we saw Rahul was being beaten up. The woman was also at the spot. We didn’t know who these men were and why they were beating him up. In fact, it was the woman who identified the accused persons and also told police about them. She even tried to stop the fight and save Rahul.

Victim’s uncle

The woman, who has left her home and gone to a shelter for security, reportedly tried to end the scuffle and helped the police identify the assaulters. The victim was a good student who even tutored those whose studies were hit hard by the pandemic.

During the lockdown, he said he wanted to teach kids. So he started teaching students privately at home. I was not even at home when the incident took place. My son knew the woman and they used to speak to each other. But I never knew that something like this would happen with my son. He wanted to become an IAS officer.

Victim’s mother

A war of words ensued between the AAP government at Delhi and Delhi police on 14th of October. AAP spokespersons attacked the communalization of the crime and accused the police of not allowing the woman, who is the main witness, of reaching out to journalists. Delhi police denied all these allegations.

The woman is residing at a shelter home and her phone has not been seized by us. We’ve arrested one more suspect, named Shubham Bhardwaj,18, a resident of Jahangirpuri, in the murder case. A total of six persons have been held so far, including three minor boys.

– Vijayanta Arya (DCP-North West Delhi)

Feature Image Credits: Zee News India

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