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Women’s Development Cell, SVC: Assam Floods Fundraiser

During the tumultuous ride that is the year 2020, we have witnessed a huge Humanitarian crisis, whether it is the pandemic, the economy, or the waves of natural disasters that keep on coming and destroying our lives. We all are stuck in a conundrum and are greatly disgruntled.

A yearly calamity, Assam floods have hit the state yet again, but the pandemic has made the situation even worse. The floods in Assam are a morass to the flora, fauna, and specifically, to the people of Assam, and they need us now more than ever. Therefore, the Women’s Development Cell of the Sri Venkateswara College in collaboration with the NGO Sarvahitey, had organized an “Assam Floods Fundraiser”. Through this effort, they raised around ?9500, and the entire amount was deposited for the welfare of the people of Assam.

The event was initiated by hosting the guest speaker- Ms. Raina Bhattacharya, a Guwahati based development sector professional working primarily in the fields of LGBTQIA+ and women’s rights and democracy. She has been actively working in Assam for the development and welfare of rural women.

The Assam Floods Fundraiser kicked off on the 11th of August and ended on the 14th of August 2020. There was a series of five events in which the participants enrolled and showed their creativity with keeping the theme – Patriarchal Violence During the Pandemic, as their pivot.

1. Capture the Gendered Gaze – Through their photography skills, the participants depicted the actual picture of Domestic Violence during the Pandemic being rightly termed as ‘Double Pandemic’ as it is disproportionally affecting women all over the world, by capturing how they live in intimate association with their oppressors.

2. Compose-e-kalam– Another event that jotted down the depth of injustice where consummate writers boldly expressed their views on how tolerating injustice quietly makes one lifeless.

3. Artitude-Painting /drawing/doodle– Participants, through their skills, covered the range of Patriarchal Violence which had taken different forms like physical, emotional, sexual, financial, and psychological violence during the pandemic.

4. Meme heist– Meme making was an event of reality with empathy. It was a melange of humor and pain.

5. Pand-e-mic– Open Mic. was the concluding event of the Fundraiser, with lots of fun and zest. On the one hand, the participants tried to entertain the audience with their jokes while battling with the politics of humor which seemed to be difficult terrain for the budding comedians as our society’s deep-rooted sexism keeps reflecting itself. While on the other hand, the poets showed off their skills with passion and emotions overflowing from the depth of their words.

Seeing the digital event raise awareness and funds for the flood-affected Assam indeed brought rays of hope. Overall, the event was fruitful and the Women’s Development Cell of Sri Venkateswara College did their best to contribute to the Assam floods.


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