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St. Stephen’s Releases Its First Cut-off for 2020-21

After months of anticipation, St. Stephen’s becomes the first college of Delhi University (DU) to release its cut-off for the new academic year of 2020-21. This comes at a time when a national pandemic situation has delayed admissions to the UG course by nearly 3 months.

After 3 months of delay and jitter inducing panic for DU aspirants, the first cut-off for the new academic year of 2020-21 was released by St. Stephen’s late in the evening of 15th September 2020. St. Stephen’s has been acclaimed as the 4th best college of the country by the NIRF report of 2020 and remains a popular choice for students of both Science and Humanities, alike.

The admission process to St. Stephen’s, though under the aegis of DU, remains standalone: candidates are required to fill out the form to DU before applying separately on Stephen’s college website. This year the admission process got postponed from early July to late June and finally to mid-September due to a nationwide lockdown imposed on all educational institutions in lieu of the Covid-19 pandemic.

General category students, applying for the Bachelor of Arts (BA) program at Stephen’s, must have secured 99% marks in their ‘Best of Four Subjects’ if they are from Science or Commerce backgrounds. For students of Humanities, the cut off for the same course stands at 98% (BFS).

In the same vein, the cut off for B.A. English (Hons.) for the General category students is 98.75% for students of Humanities and Sciences, but 99% for commerce students. The cut off for the General category students for Philosophy (Hons.), whose faculty at Stephen’s is much sought after, stands at 98.75% for Humanities students, 98% for those of Commerce background, and 97% for the Sciences.

The minimum requirement for admission to History (Hons.) for students of the General category at Stephen’s is 99% each for those of Science and Commerce backgrounds, and 98.25% for Humanities. The cut-offs for B.A. Economics (Hons.) towered above all else at 99.25% for Commerce students, 98.75% for Humanities, and 98% for Sciences.

The cut off for B.Sc. (Hons.) courses ranged from 98% to 96.33% across the disciplines of B.Sc. Mathematics (Hons.), B.Sc. Physics (Hons.) and B.Sc. Chemistry (Hons.).

The entire cut-off list released by St. Stephen’s can be found here.

Those who meet the required criteria post the announcement of the cut off list will be summoned by the college administration for a two-tier test comprising of an ‘essay-writing round’ and an ‘interview’ by a panel of professors from the college. Given the unprecedented pandemic situation, the process has been relegated to the online-distance mode.

The call letter and timetable for the interview procedure will be shortly released on the website of St. Stephen’s ( The selected candidates will be required to complete a document verification process.

So commences the admission time rush, albeit in a much-hushed manner as compared to previous years, due to the shift to the online mode of education.

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

Samya Verma
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