Delhi HC: Delhi Government and DDUC Engaged in Blame Game Over Salaries

The Delhi High court on Saturday observed that the DDU (Deen Dayal Upadhyay) College administration and Delhi government is engaged in a blame game which has led to the delay in disbursement of salaries to the professors. 

While hearing the petition filed by professors of the DDU college over non-payment of salaries, Justice Jyoti Singh said “In my view, this is a serious matter and needs to be looked into by the Government of NCT of Delhi as well as the College without any delay and on priority,”

“Contentions made by the college and the government of NCT of Delhi only prima facie give an impression to the court that both the authorities are blaming each other, instead of ensuring that the salary and the other benefits of the employees are released on time,” the court observed.

“The net result, however, of this blame game is that petitioners have been deprived of not only their salary and other emoluments with effect from May 2020, but also other essentials such as reimbursements of medical bills, etc,” Justice Singh said.

The counsel appearing for the DDU college professors argued that the DDU college gets a 100 per cent grant-in-aid by the Government of Delhi. The counsel further said that the professors have not been disbursed their salaries, medical bills and other retiral benefits since May.

The college administration claimed that the college receives 100 per cent grant-in-aid from the Government of Delhi, using which the salaries are disbursed to the professors. But since the government has not provided the college with the required funds, the college is unable to pay its employees.

To this, the government of Delhi defended itself by arguing that a special audit is in process and claimed that the college already has enough resources to pay its employees. The college then argued that the funds with the college are not meant for disbursement of the staff salaries and emoluments have to be paid by the grant-in-aid received by the government.

Justice Jyoti Singh then directed the government and the college to look into the matter as it is serious and listed the matter for further consideration on October 6.

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Featured image credits: Jagran Josh

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