For the Second Phase of DU OBEs, Visually Challenged Students Travel Delhi

Visually challenged students (VCS) who could not take their exams in August can now take their exams in Delhi in the second phase of online OBE, beginning 14th September 2020. 

Delhi University (DU) conducted online open-book examinations between 10th and 31st August 2020 for final year undergraduate and postgraduate students. Visually impaired students who could not take the exams in the first phase can now take their exams in Delhi in the second phase of OBE, starting 14th September 2020. 

The second phase will involve online and offline/physical options. Students can take their exams online or at the university designated exam centres. As per the university, out of the 12,000 students who have registered for this second phase, 3,000 have opted to take their exams at designated centres. 

“I have opted for the online mode since the varsity has not arranged scribes for us. The National Association for Blind will be helping us in writing the exams. The college hostels are closed and the NGO has made arrangements for our stay.”

Deepak Gupta, a visually impaired student, who traveled from Bihar, told The Times of India.

“I have arranged for a couple of writers who will write the exam for me. I won’t take the exam at the center but somewhere else. The varsity has not helped us in arranging scribes or even study material.”  

Nitin Kumar Tyagi, another visually impaired student, who traveled from Uttar Pradesh told the Times of India.

“We arrange scribes and recordings for visually impaired students of our college. There is no central list, but if a student from outside our college contacts us, we help them as well. We have a WhatsApp group with all the visually impaired students of our college and if they require any help, they message or call us and then we arrange volunteers for them. I’m not aware of other colleges but the students of our college are happily volunteering to the extent that we had four scribes for a single examinee. We did face a few difficulties in the first phase but right now everything is functioning well,”

Shruti Arora, Project Management Head at NSS, Daulat Ram College told DU Beat

Social distancing concerns, parental pressure, the distance between home and college, and health concerns were some possible reasons given by Shruti for the general unavailability of scribes.

Featured Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

Kashvi Raj Singh