DU Dance Societies and Their Invincible Will to Fight the Pandemic

While the pandemic is making every student to miss out on the fun and frolic of the campus life, one of the majorly hit groups are the performing societies. Planning group performances without being physically present together is a major challenge for them. DU Beat, in an attempt to develop an insight in the management and functioning of the dance societies in these unprecedented times, contacted some of the popular dance groups of the circuit.

The unfortunate conditions of the present have deprived the dance societies of their strongest craving – stage. The absence of physical meet-ups have made these groups compromise upon practices and discussions.

This pandemic has adversely affected the cultural societies. Our society members, especially the third years are dying to perform on stage. Behind the powerful and thought provoking productions, there is a ton of hard work and practice which we are unable to do because of the pandemic.

The president of Verve, the Western Dance society of Sri Venkateshwara College told DU Beat

The uncertainty about fests has struck them with a paramount dilemma. The auditions, promotions, flash-mobs and orientation programmes which these months of the previous year saw have all been either dissolved or resolved to online mediums this year.

The part that we miss the most is taking auditions of the Freshers and adding up new members to the family, but as of now we look forward to things getting better and having the good old days of practicing back.

Vedika, President of Crunk, the western dance society of Aurobindo College.

While there is a lot they are missing upon, a number of them also talked about how the extra time gave them an opportunity to explore and post more on their social media handles. Having discovered the world of video editing they spoke about how they have come up with creative ways to present and attract people towards the art of dancing.

We have experimented with face-offs, duets and fusion choreographies on our Instagram handle. By posting occasion specific dance videos we have now started celebrating important occasions such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Independence day and so on virtually with our followers. Recently we have also come up with our series of Friday facts where in we post intriguing dance related facts every Friday. In the past, we also conducted a series of Instagram live sessions in collaboration with the members of other dance societies on World Dance Day, and tried our best to spread the magic of dance to a greater audience.

Nrityakriti, The Indian Dance Society of Maitreyi College told DU Beat

The true motive of dance, as per Adharita, the Indian Dance Society of Hindu College, is accomplished only when the emotions with which it is performed reaches the target audience. Touching ones heart and soul through a screen isn’t easy and certain nuances of classical dance are also lost in an online performance, they explained. However, they have been trying to conquer this by planning to organize webinars, e-workout sessions and regular discussion on video calls.

The pandemic has hard hit us hard but we are working around it one or the other way.In the last few months we organized an interesting game where we challenged each other with workout exercises. This motivatedour members to continue with their practice. We have been collaborating with other societies, doing interviews and getting our members to plan their own choreographies for our Instagram handle.

Mridang, the Indian Dance Society of Miranda House, when asked about the alternatives and methods they have adapted to resolve the issue

A few of them also talked about the way this break provided them with an opportunity to brainstorm  about new dance forms and ideas to make their performances step up in the ladder of excellence.

The society conveners and the students have been thinking and have now chosen to perform accommodating our unique and different dance forms.

Nupur, the Indian Dance Society of JDMC.

We are also independently learning different dance forms including whacking and hip-hop and are actively engaged in attending various online sessions to learn more about the language of dance.

Zeal, the Western Dance Society of Maitreyi College.

While nothing can replace the amusement of on-campus practices and the relaxation in the college grounds thereafter, the indomitable spirit put across by every dance society of the DU circuit, in these difficult times is worthy of all the appreciation. Despite an enormous shift in their methods of functioning there is not even a pinch of decline in their determination. Their strong hope and ambition to be the best in their art is still intact and drives them to come out with new alternatives every day.

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

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