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Delhi University’s LLB Entrance Exam Paper “Leaked”

Right after the NTA (National Testing Agency) conducted an online entrance examination test for Delhi University’s (DU) Bachelor of Law (LLB) aspirants, Vivek Raj, a student activist from the varsity lodged a complaint in Maurice Nagar Police Station regarding a paper leak.

Apparently, snaps of the question paper of DU’s LLB entrance test, which was conducted on Thursday, 9th September 2020, were being circulated all over WhatsApp groups. The complaint regarding the leak was lodged by Vivek Raj, a student activist from the varsity in Maurice Nagar Police Station. There is still no clarity if the question paper was leaked before or after the commencement of the examination. In either case, this raises questions about the administration as mobile phones and cameras are not allowed in the examination centers.

Complaint copy

Ironically, this is not the first time that a case of “paper leak” has come to light. There have been several cases when the faculty of law has been questioned regarding paper leaks.

The questions on the screen in the leaked photos are exactly the same that were there in the test.

Kapil Rana, a student who appeared for the test

The leak, especially in the middle of a pandemic, was an unwelcome turn. Despite the cautious state of the nation, DUET decided to conduct its yearly entrance examinations dated for the month of September. Further, with DUET’s test-taking conditions already being unsatisfactory (read our article on DUET’s unsatisfactory test conditions), the paper leak for the entrance test of DU LLB course came as a source of dismay to DU aspirants who have worked painstakingly harder to prepare for DU’s entrance tests.

The Dean of the Law Faculty and NTA officials have refrained from making any comments on the matter.

This case of “Paper Leak” calls for an unbiased and proper investigation into the matter, so that such cases can be avoided in the future.

Feature Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

Harsh Paliwal
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