Admission Season

Delhi University to Release its First Cutoff by mid-October

According to the latest information provided by the Delhi University, the first cut off for the academic year of 2020 is likely to be released by October 12th

Earlier the University had decided to start the online admission process from the first week of October, but they have now decided to wait till the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) announces the results of the improvement exams, giving the applicants a chance to edit their online forms from 12th September to 5th October 2020.

During the meeting between the principals and the DU administration, the principals were informed that the administration is keen on starting the admission process from 12th October 2020. One of the Principal from the meeting who wished to remain anonymous said that “the administration asked us to prepare for the admission process as it will be completely online this year”.  

While speaking to the Times of India, Shobha Bagai, the dean of admissions refused to confirm the dates and said

“DU will begin admissions from the second week of October. We are waiting for the CBSE to come out with its improvement results.” However, other principals have showcased concerns regarding the further delay of admission process saying that “this delay would put an additional pressure on the teachers to complete their syllabus in time.”

Shobha Bagai, the dean of admissions

Regarding the editing of forms online, the university has made clear that they could do so from their dashboards by using their email ID and passwords. What’s important is to know that this edit option is only a “one-time facility” and that the students must have all their certificates in front of them before they start filling the online form.

“Once the student submits the form or closes the edit window, no more editing will be allowed.” Bagai added that DU has only allowed the editing option for the undergraduate students as of now and the edit window for PG, MPhil/PhD will be opened later. 

Throwing light on the speculation regarding the cut offs this year, former Academic Council member Pankaj Garg said the cutoffs in the first list would definitely be high, but even the cutoffs in the fifth and sixth lists would be higher than last year by two-three percentage points.

With the pandemic at hand, this piece of information provided by the administration sheds some light over the ambiguity regarding cutoffs and the entire admission process this year. 

Featured Image Credits: DU Beat Archives

Hridika Rao

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