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Sex Amma: Dear PCOD, I Can Enjoy Sex Too

PCOD can be a major inhibition in your sex life. But, that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing those delicious flavours of sex!

Dear Idlis and Vadas,

It has been a long time discussing Amma’s favourite topic with you all ahaa! You, my grown up children know it well! But today let’s talk about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), an issue that continues to be not talked about. September has come and PCOS Awareness is important my macchis and dosas.

Though it’s said that early menstruation, genetic factors and poor dietary habits cause this syndrome, yet your dear doctors haven’t still found the exact underlying causes of it.  Also, my Idli thinks that only women have PCOD, but PCOD transcends gender boundaries. A lot of gender non-conforming individuals have this naughty (because your periods get naughty) syndrome too. So many trans-men and non-binary vadas and idlis suffer from PCOD too.

My little kids! I know that when you have PCOD, the first thing that pops up in your mind is that you will be infertile by the time you marry a piping hot dosa and think about producing a little one. But your Amma is worried about your sex life too. Little dosas can be produced anytime (hehe).

PCOD certainly takes a toll on your sex life in both direct and indirect ways. It is said that around 60 percent of women with PCOD experience some form of sexual dysfunction, according to a study published in the Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine. And that’s just the statistics concerning macchis. Who knows how my little vadas and their friends suffer when they don’t enjoy sex owing to PCOD?

You get cute little hair on your tummy, breasts, neck and too many on some hidden places too, owing to the huge androgen levels your body produces. I know, all that makes your self esteem quite low. You gain some extra kilos by craving for your favourite street food; your confidence falls flat too. Finally, the black shadows of depression and anxiety attack you. And you lose all your libido and desire. Your Amma knows it all!

PCOD is certainly a tough nut to crack! Even harder than the one you kids like hehe. Your generation mostly prefers macchis and dosas who are properly trimmed and shaved down there. But when in PCOD, your body becomes a little more hairy one, it puts a lot of mental pressure on your delicate mind. Taking birth control pills to regulate your periods can work for sure! But it’s reported that oral contraceptives can reduce your sex drive by 15%.

Your spicy sex life does get affected by PCOD owing to the extreme pain you feel during penetration, dryness of vagina and then less number of orgasms. Also, sleepiness and fatigue- which is one of the symptoms of PCOD, can affect your sexual performance too. But what use is Amma if she doesn’t bring back that drooling sambhar in your sex life back?

1.  Use good Lubrication

Lubrication is a must for good penetration. But vaginal dryness ( a symptom of PCOD) can stop you from enjoying sex thoroughly. But fret not dears! You may need a little more oil or any lubricant to make your experience a “smooth sailing” one. You can apply a natural home made one too or buy it from any local pharmacy store. Besides that, there are certain medicines that increase sexual desire in women, for say Metformin.

 Also make sure you keep a bottle of oil close during sex. Amma always did it!

2. Indulge in Longer Foreplay

Research says that woman who participates in foreplay for 20-25 minutes, enjoys sex and that “ahhh” climax quite well. The same holds true for my lovely Vadas and their friends. A very long foreplay can certainly help you enjoy the act fully. You can experiment with new methods like body licking, nipples teasing, or anything you enjoy the most! Haven’t tried yet? Go and do then!

3. Change your diet a little!

Amma is sorry to say that you will have to alter your favorite diet a little bit! But that doesn’t mean you can’t eat what you want to. You can have cheat meals once or twice in a month! Add flaxseed in your diet to lower testosterone levels in your blood. You can also try foods like spearmint, maca root and low carb ones to tackle the libido and general sex experience. These foods have a double advantage of treating both PCOD as well as adding back the lost spice in your sex life.  

5. Masturbation is your key

As your Amma already told, PCOD can hamper your libido. Yet that doesn’t mean you can’t orgasm or enjoy! Research says that women enjoy masturbation even more than sex. And the number rises when taking into consideration other genders too who have PCOD. All you have to do is try different ways of self pleasure. Manual way is one but you can try sex toys. Another way that your Amma would do when she was young was – shower masturbation. Turn on the shower and let your soft ones stimulate and do the needful.

6. Talk to your partner

Amma’s partners were very considerate and I hope that yours are too, Macchis and Vadas! PCOD as much as it’s dreaded should be treated and looked at through a soft lens. Talking to your doctor regarding your sex experiences is the best option. Yet an emotional connection with your partner should be a prerequisite, as it tackles all the body image issues you may have. You should also try and connect with your body and never feel ugly about yourself. Taking therapy sessions, engaging in creative tasks etc. can help a lot!

Altogether, your Amma is pretty confident that you won’t let this naughty PCOD affect your sex life at all. The best way is to read more of Amma’s columns , talk about it and feel free to experiment with your body to rediscover pleasure.

Happy PCOD sex!

Feature Image Credits: PCOS Awareness Association