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Day 1 of the DUTA Protest: Delhi Government Evades DUTA Office Bearers

The Delhi University Teachers Association (DUTA) has called for a three day strike between the 16th and 18th of September, 2020 in light of the non-payment of salaries of teachers of 12 colleges across Delhi University.

Teachers of several colleges have decided to stand in solidarity by boycotting online classes and administrative work during the strike period.

The commencement of day one of the DUTA protest against the Delhi Governmentis a result of negligence and the feeble excuses offered for not releasing grants, particularly allocated to the teacher community.

Things have now come to such a pass that employees without salaries or pensions are unwilling to tolerate this assault on their livelihood, and have taken legal recourse to thwart the attack on their basic right to livelihood.

A statement released by DUTA signed by President Rajib Rai

The DUTA Office Bearers’ attempt to get an appointment with Chief Minister Shri.Kejriwal, was cancelled at the last minute. DUTA has criticized the refusal of government officials to meet teachers’ representatives and resolve the on-going financial crisis.Deputy CM Shri Manish Sisodia’s press statement on September 16 has levelled a series of allegations against the financial and administrative management of these colleges.

The 6 colleges that received grants post DUTA observation of Black Teacher’s day on 5th September 2020 have been asked to submit to a fresh audit. This is despite the fact that these institutions have already submitted to three different audits – Internal Audit (conducted by Auditors from the approved panel of D.U.), ELFA Audit (conducted by GNCTD) and AGCR (conducted by CAG).

“It is extremely unfortunate that teachers are caught in the crossfire of these allegations, which is neither of their making, nor their responsible in any way. The DUTA believes that at the end of the day the employees cannot be penalized and must be paid their dues immediately. The DUTA has been repeatedly pointing out that inordinate and unexplained delays in release of grant have had a crippling effect on these institutions, which are amongst the best colleges of the country and teachers, students and employees will not tolerate this willful destruction of these premier institutions.”

A statement released by DUTA

Payment of other dues of employees including medical bills, arrears of the 7th Pay Commission and vacation salary of ad-hoc teachers for the year 2019 have not provided due to “inadequacy of grants”. Even pensioners have not been paid their dues.

The financial crisis precipitated in these 12 colleges must end immediately.

Mr.Rajib said, signing off the DUTA statement

The DUTA has strongly condemned the obdurate stance taken by the Delhi Government in relation to negligence and harassment of these institutions and the employees.

Feature Image Credits: Ms. Abha Dev Habib

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